A Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth

*   *   *   *   *

 I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,

 And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,

 One Earth Federation, protecting by law the rich diversity of the Earth’s citizens,

 One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our planet.


 I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,

 And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,

 One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all,

 One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.


 I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the Earth Constitution,

 And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind, living in harmony on the Earth,

 One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope, with peace and prosperity    for all.

*   *   *   *   *

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You can donate to promotion of the Earth Constitution through Paypal.

       Note: This pledge was ratified as the official pledge of the Earth Federation at the Seventh Provisional World Parliament in Chennai, India, December 26-30, 2003. 

      Many world citizens are affirming this "act of civil obedience" by signing the pledge and placing it on file with WCPA World Office at 313 Seventh Ave, Radford Virginia, 24141, USA.   It can also be signed electronically and emailed to gmartin@radford.edu.

      In doing so they pledge obedience to the Earth Constitution and a new, decent world order based on peace, freedom, justice, and equity. Under current rules, they also become eligible as delegates to the Provisional World Parliament.  See www.worldparliament-gov.org or www.worldproblems.net.


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