Hosted by the City Montessori School of Lucknow, India

 and Sri Jagdish Gandhi, Founder/Manager

10-14 August 2004


Part Two:  9 photos:


At the side of the meeting area are large posters giving the agenda for this session of parliament and other important information.



The poster on the left shows the plan for integrating viable agencies of the United Nations into the emerging Earth Federation.   You can see here that the General Assembly of the U.N. is to become the House of Nations, the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court will become two benches of the World Supreme Court, and the Secretariat of the U.N. will become the core of the World Executive Branch.



A CMS student gives an excellent presentation on why the U.N. has failed and must be replaced by a world parliament.



Eugenia Almand reads a bill to the delegates for the creation of an International Juvenile Court that she has drafted and proposed for passage at the Parliament.



On the final day of the Parliament delegates again assemble on stage for a widely publicized press conference that resulted in articles in all the leading newspapers of India.



The audience at the closing ceremonies with Parliament delegates and visiting dignitaries in the front row.



A flags of all nations peace pageant put on by CMS students graced the closing ceremonies.



The special guest speakers for the closing ceremonies was the Governor of that state of Uttar Pradish who is second from the right next to Sri Jagdish Gandhi, our host, on the right.   Here we are lighting the peace torch honoring Article 51 of the Indian Constitution which allows India to be part of a supernational federation should such a world government develop.



More dances and celebrations by CMS students graced the closing ceremonies. 

The Parliament Organizers are very greatful to Sri Jagdish Gandhi and our hosts from the Department of Peace Education and World Unity, Mr. Chandola, Dr. Preeti Shankar, Preeti  Barsman, and Sidhartha who took so much time and trouble to make this session of Parliament a success.


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