Hosted by the City Montessori School of Lucknow, India

 and Sri Jagdish Gandhi, Founder/Manager

10-14 August 2004


Part One:  9 photos:



Preeti Shankar (from CMS) and her daughter Damini greet Eugenia Almand (Parliament Secretary), Terrence Amerasinghe (Parliament President) and myself (Parliament Vice-President) at the Delegate Reception Center in the Lucknow Train Station.



The opening press conference on the first day of the Eighth Session in which the delegates (here assembled on stage) speak to reporters in the front row of the Auditorium at the Gomptinagar Campus of CMS.



The opening ceremonies commence with dances and pageants by CMS students.



CMS students hold a student world parliament in which delegates from nations around the world call for world peace.



The audience for the opening ceremonies.



Special guest speaker for the opening ceremonies, Former Supreme Court Justice Singve of India gives his elegant and inspiring speech.



I give my speech for the opening ceremonies entitled "A Founded World Order Versus an Evolved World Order."   This speech is available in the section of my writings under "World Government" listed on the homepage.



One of the several gates into the huge CMS Gomptinagar campus that announced the 8th Session of the Provisional World Parliament.



The next day the Parliament session begins to conduct the business of examining proposed provisional world legislation.    We had about thirty delegates in attendance from many of the South Asian countries, Japan, the U.S., and Canada.   There were some 40 or 50 more who sent in registration forms, mostly from the African countries Tanzania, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.   It is a sad commentary on our world when poverty and the system of visas makes many countries virtual prisons for their people.   None of our African delegates were able to make it.


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