New Delhi Photos


Entire buildings constructed using bamboo poles for supports and ladders



Motorcycles form a huge part of transportation



Endless bony cows wander the streets and, like some of the people, eat the garbage


This area is near the immense, busy railroad station.  There are many reasonable hotels in the area (where I stay when in New Delhi), where Indian businessmen and travelers stay, but few tourists.



An animal market of some sort, with goats, horses, etc.



Cows wander with the traffic



This immense and beautiful Hindu temple is walking distance



As is this wonderful mosque



The streets are crowded and busy by day, with many sleeping on them at night.  When I arrived at my hotel late one night, there were a dozen men and boys sleeping in the tiny lobby alone.



A barber shop on the street, with the mirror against the fence to the left.



People with various businesses living on the street



Young men friendly to the rare foreigner



These boys shined my shoes.  Chances are they have to live off the few rupees that make in a day.



In some dirt-mud parks, hundreds of people living in tents




Photos from December 2012

At the home of Amit Paul, WCPA member in Delhi.  He is a social worker in Delhi, and has generously offered his home as a place to stay when WCPA members come through Delhi.




                            A typical Delhi street near Amit Paul's home.




The India Gate, commemorating the fallen during the Second World War. In foreground is my friend Dr. Surendra Pathak, Professor of Values at IASE Deemed University, Rajasthan.




The President of the Women's Press Club of India (left) and a journalist/activist who interviewed me while I was in Delhi.  We are in the garden of the Press Club in central Delhi.




The famous Lotus Temple of the Baha's in Delhi, taken at night.  The Director of the temple gave us a personal tour after hours.





                                           Interior of the Lotus Temple.





Amit Paul contemplates the eternal flame at the Gandhi memorial in Delhi.




         The Edicts of Ashoka in the garden of the Historical Museum of India.




                                Close up of the Edicts in English.





In the museum, circled are the great river valley civilizations of the Ancient world.






                     With Professor of Religion, Dr. Islam in the museum.






The central area of my hotel (the Radisson Blu) where I was hosted by IASE University and Dr Pathak and Sri Dugar (Chancellor)




The press visits us in the dining room of the hotel and interviews our long term WCPA Vice-President, Dr. Dauji Gupta, three times Mayor of Lucknow and currently President of the Buddhist Association of India.  Dr. Pathak at the left.





                With Shri Kanak Dugar, Chancellor of IASE Deemed University.






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