Institute On World Problems seminar


The view from the hacienda where the seminar was held and where we were guests.



The table on the veranda set for breakfast.  Never has an IOWP seminar been held with such magnificent hospitality and food.



We prepared the large meeting room with many charts and diagrams on the walls



The seminar in action with some of the top activists and thinkers from Mexico and abroad in attendance.




Two great men, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe and Dr. Reinhart Ruge, leaders of WCPA for 45 years.



Our hostess, Tiahoga Ruge: dynamic, sincere, and very intelligent.



Germain Dafur:  the hardworking sponsor of the Global Constitution, list-serve, and website.  A wonderful defender of environmental rights.



A vivacious and charming artist, friend of Tiahoga Ruge, lives across the street.  She asked me to pose as a Medieval rogue.



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May 2005






Looking the other way from the pool to the main house.




The banner for the "Seminar del Instituto de Estudios en Problemas Mundial"



The other end of the room with books and literature.



After an elegant breakfast.




On hot afternoons, the seminar moved outside onto the lawn.




Our host: Fernando Ortiz Monestario:  gracious, wonderfully generous, and very knowledgeable.




The core members of the seminar on the final day.



Reclining Rogue