Tepotzlan, Mexico


Tepotzlan is a charming city in the highlands south of Mexico City



All sorts of fresh food and handicrafts are sold at the market.



At one of the charming restaurants



Everywhere one looks are these impressive scenes.   The Aztec conquerors build a temple on top of the cliffs on one side of the valley to symbolize their dominance of the region.



Beauty of every kind lifts the soul.




Looking up between the cliffs.  The Aztecs hurled people from some of these cliffs.




Priests lived in separate buildings not far from the temple they serviced.


Looking from the temple back down the mountain.



From the temple toward the valley.




The city below from the area of the temple.



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It is the location of a huge market day every week.



Many stalls such as this one selling dozens of different kinds of beans.



Tepotzlan is surrounded by cliffs



We begin the climb to the temple.



Looking back down between the cliffs.




The temple appears.




Looking along one of the remaining low walls that partitioned the community.



Looking up at the cliff side wall of the temple.



The sanctuary of the temple as it appears today.