Lucknow, and the Ninth Annual Conference of
Chief Justices of the World

December 2008

The influence of Islam is evident everywhere in the architecture of Lucknow.

Elegant gardens and beautiful structures that express a vision of what human civilization might be.

Also, palaces built directly by earlier Islamic rulers.

The austere beauty of this mosque and its minarets express the austere beauty of Islam's conception of Allah


Everywhere pools are designed to enhance the glory of the architecture.

Children, teachers, and Conference Participants march for peace in front of the World Unity Convention Center, location of the 9th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World.

Key participants carry globes symbolizing the unity of our tiny planet and wear garlands expressing the traditional welcoming ceremony of India.

Second from left is Saraswathy Devi, A.M.N. from Maylaysia, International lawyer and Chair of the International Association of Women Lawyers' Commission on Human Trafficking.  Fifth from left is Judge C. G. Weeramantry, LL.D. from Sri Lanka, former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Saraswarthy Devi will attend the 11th Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Nainital, India, July 2008, to sponsor a bill against human trafficking.  With her is Eugenia Almand, J.D., Secretary of the Parliament.

The Honorable Justice Graciela Dixon, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panama was a prominent guest at the Conference and a leader of the effort of develop a democratic world order.

From left: Ms. Rani Dubkey, Mr. Sivan, author and member Executive Committee, WCPA, Chennai, Dr. Preeti Shankar, and Professor R. Anantharayanan, Secretary-General, WCPA, South India

The same group with Mr. Anandakumar, well-known artist and member Executive Committee, WCPA Chennai (left), and Preeti's father (right).

Rally after the big peace march led by the Justices.

Giving my presentation on "Economic Transformation of the World under the Earth Constitution."

Justices and Peace Leaders assembled at the Ninth International Conference

The Thirteenth Conference in December 2012

One of the two big peace parades in which the young people and justices participate.

Justices and dignitaries lined up to watch the parade of children singing and chanting for world peace and a decent future for themselves and all children of the world.

Photo of the "Champion of World Law" award given to Dr. Gandhi by WCPA

The big closing press conference for the Conference at the Clark Ffve star Hotel.
I also spoke to the press at this press conference.

Justice A.P. Misra, former Supreme Court Justice of India, who has attended the
last two sessions of the Provisional World Parliament.

Ahmet Akcan, a leader in the law in Turkey (as well as in support of the arts), makes his presentation at the Chief Justices Conference. 
Two weeks later he hosted me in Istanbul.

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