Libya Photos

 Part One

In July 2004, the World Constitution and Parliament Association organized and led a delegation of leaders of U.S. NGOs to Libya

Below are 11 photos from that trip






The central library in Tripoli which has a beautiful park just in front from which this photo was taken.



Delegation members were treated to one elegant and bountiful meal after another during the week-long visit.



Several times traditional Libyan bands and dancers were arranged to greet us.   This one greeted us upon the arrival of our vans to Leptis Magnus, ancient Roman ruins half a day's drive from Tripoli.




The ruins were magnificent -- an entire Roman city open to walk through.




Another view of Leptis Magna.



Later in the day, the delegation was treated by the local administrative district to a wonderful dinner served in traditional Libyan style, sitting on the floor or ground.   In the photo, you can see the pot of meat at the center and various other dishes arranged around the outside.




When I went to the side of a nearby hill, to my surprise there was a herd of camels grazing at the bottom.



The local administrator (who spoke no English) gave us the gift here and gave a long, sincere talk on the many terrible things the United States was doing in the world.   Mahmud (on the right) is serving as translator.



In return, I gave our host a copy of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.




Our delegation.



From the ruins of Leptis Magna, looking out over the Mediterranean.  The Greeks, Phonecians, Romans, and then Moslems all used these busy port cities that exported olives, timber, some minerals, and exotic wild animals to other parts of their empires.



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