Round Table on Democracy


On September 17-19, 2005, I led a North-American and European delegation of scholars and intellectuals in round table presentations and discussions on democracy, the Libyan system of direct democracy and the problems of the world in relation to lack of democracy.   We were guests of the Great Jamahiri Thought Academy, an institution that studies the Green Book of the Leader, Muammar Al Qathafi, and its relation to issues of society and democracy.


With our host, Dr. Ramadan Breki, head of the Africa division of the Revolutionary Committees Movement (RCM) and Vice-President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)




The Round Table in session in a conference room of the Great Jamahiri Thought Academy.  At the head of the room is a map of Africa with the thought of the Green Book symbolically portrayed emanating from Libya.




On this side of the conference table, from left to right, are Professor Turkkaya Ataov from Turkey, myself, Susannah Tarbush, journalist and writer from the U.K., Dr. Patricia Anne Murphy, Chair of the International Advisory Board of International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO), and Michael Wynne-Parker, author and Chairman of the Guild of Travel and Tourism, U.K.



Other delegates at the conference table, from left to right, Carah Ong, of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Washington, DC, Jiri Rasanen, Finland, of the Finish Citizens Power Association and Special Advisor for Elections Technology for WCPA, Dr. J.W. Smith, USA, author of Economic Democracy: the Political Struggle of the 21st Century, and Dr. Don Harter, USA, Professor of Agriculture, Emeritus and widely traveled world citizen.



Here I meet with Libyan Foreign Secretary, Mr. Shahomy Suleman, concerning arrangements for the Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament.  Dr. Ramadan Breki serves as translator.



After the meeting, the group poses together in front of a picture of the Leader of Libya.  From left, Michael Wynne-Parker, myself, Shahomy Suleman, and Ramadan Breki.








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and World Parliament Preparatory meetings




The leadership of the World Constitution and Parliament Association also met with Libyan officials concerning the forthcoming Ninth Session of the Provisional World Parliament and Conference on Democracy in Libya from February 25 to March 3, 2005





With Khalifa Elderback, Professor of Geology, member of RCM and one of our hosts for the Round Table





The Round Table in session.  In the right in the back wall is the window to the translators' booth.  We were provided with earphones and simultaneous expert translation between Arabic and English.





The simultaneous translation was marvelous for promoting real communication






Libyan speakers and delegation members. At the center (holding the book) is the Round Table Chair and Dean of the Great Jamahiri Thought Academcy, Dr. Rajab Abodabous







On the coffee table is a copy of the Earth Constitution that I am presenting to Mr. Suleman




Here we take another photo with H. R. Sarwa Alam, Yourth Coordinator for WCPA




A great honor was afforded our delegation when we were invited to meet the Leader of Libya, Muammar Al Qathafi, on the third day of our round table.  We spent an hour and a half with him.  He spoke to us about the Green Book and we had a question and answer session about world problems. I described to him briefly our project under the Earth Constitution. The dialogue was intelligent, informed, and thoughtful.  I presented the Leader with a copy of my recent book, Millennium Dawn, and received from him an autographed copy of the Green Book.