World Peace Congress


Airports are a good place for reading, writing, and thinking, especially since one spends a great deal of time in them



Giving the Keynote Address on January 6 on "Violence, International Law, and the Prospect of World Government"



With some new friends at the Sri Durga Hotel




Our Doorman at Hotel Sri Durga



During the day, the families living in the dump, men, women, and children, would sort the garbage into bags to be picked up before the yard was again filled with garbage the next day.



At the arts, crafts, and book, exhibit of the World Peace Congress, I asked the girls to show me how a sari is worn.



At the rally after the peace march.  Next me to is Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay, Conference Director.




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2005 - Kolkata





Opening ceremonies at the World Peace Congress:  Chief organizer Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay opens the Congress




Some of the out of town guests staying at the Sri Durga Hotel in Kolkata




Another session at the World Peace Congress



Across the street from the hotel.   Each morning this yard would be filled up with piles of garbage from the surrounding neighborhoods.



At a wonderful peace-art exhibit that was part of the World Peace Congress, sponsored by ISISAR (The International Society for Intercultural Study and Research)




At the big peace march on the final day of the Congress.  Marching with me is Dr. Patricia Murphy, Chair of the International Advisory Board of International Philosophers for Peace





Kolkata is a very good location for a world peace conference.   It has many citizens who are committed to world peace.   But it also has tens of thousands of people sleeping on the streets or living in garbage dumps as above.   It helps us make the right connections.   The only route to peace is a transformed world order under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.   Peace cannot come unless we solve all the problems together: from war and militarism to human rights abuses to poverty and misery to environmental destruction to population control.  Only democratic world government can accomplish this.