Peloponnesus and the Bay of Messenia



The Temple of Apollo (some say it was used as a model for the Parthenon).





The housing can clearly be seen here as well as the wooden frames at the top of the columns used in reconstruction and reinforcement.





Beautiful mountains from small, charming roads in northeast Pellomonnesus






The ancient ruins at Messenia





Restaurant in the town where we in the delicious sunlight overlooking the valley.





At the Ensphion, with Greek homes dotting the hillside in the background, my friend Evangelos Grammenos contemplates the setting sun.  He is an important poet, writer, radio commentator, and spiritual teacher in Europe.  He is author of Krishnamurti and the Fourth Way.





From the Ensphion, the land plunges into the sea in the distance.





In the background to the Ensophion, the mountains






The nearby coastline




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The Temple of Apollo has been inside this plastic housing for the past 10 years to protect it from the effects of the wealther.




Myself and Nalin Jayasuriya outside the temple of Apollo.  Nalin is an     international businessman and supporter of the work of WCPA and IOWP





The little town near Messenia that looks out over the valley.





The Lion's Gate at Messenia, part of its ancient fortifications. Hari Homaro Vacal stands to the right of the leaning pillar.





In the museum at Messenia





Our group eats in a charming restaurant overlooking the valley. 





Along the east coast of the Bay of Messenia






The same view showing the Ensphion





The coastline near the Ensophion





The coastline with Kalamata in the distance, 12 kilometers away