From the airport at Athens to the right, in the 2001 visit, we went north into the mountains around Metorea, then back south to Delphi on the north coast of the central gulf, then down to Kalamata at the northern point of the westernmost bay on the southern coast


Athens and Delphi

As a philosopher, who has studied and lived with the thought of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other Ancient thinkers, these images, which they also saw and lived among, have tremendous meaning for me.




Looking toward the Acropolis at the heart of the city of Athens




My wife and daughter climb the rocks at the foot of the Acropolis




My wife and daughter contemplate the Parthenon on the summit of the Acropolis




Now looking down from the Acropolis toward the temple of Hephaistos




Looking down from the Acropolis in a different direction toward the remnants of the Temple of the Olympian Zeus




Acropolis from the ruins of the old city of Athens where Socrates and Plato used to walk




A Greek Orthodox Church in Athens on the slope of Licabettus Hill





My daughter and I stand in front of the Temple of Apollo.  Here the priestesses would answer petitions and questions from the worshippers by going into a trance.  From out of the trance would boom the voice of Apollo.  They would often answer in the form of a "wise riddle." When asked, for example, whether Socrates was the wisest person in Greece, the answer was "Yes," when Socrates new full well that this could not be true in any obvious sense.



One of the incredible views from the area of the temples and arenas at Delphi. 




Another view of the rugged hillside where the Ancient Greeks created this sacred city




Again, at Delphi, the remnants of the Tholos of Marmaria



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