The New Humanity Center

on the Bay of Kalamata

on the south central coast of Greece



This beautiful New Humanity Center, designed, built, and directed by Hari Hamaro Vacal, is a wonderful beacon to world unity and human awakening.   It contains a library that includes many translations of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth in many languages as well as other wonderful works of mysticism, world government, and world unity.



Here is the New Humanity Center looking west onto the Bay of Kalamata.  From the city of Kalamata, one drives along the cost road along the south-east shore of the Bay for less than an hour to reach this wonderful place.   The Center, which has kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities for more than a dozen people, is available for meetings or conferences.

From here Hari Homaro Vacal took us to see the ancient ruins of Messinia and the capital city of Kalamata at the head of this bay on the south shore of the Peloponnese.   In the photo one can dimly see the mountainous coastline on the far side of the bay.


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