Second Stop: Kumasi, Ghana

In the countryside on the trip north and west to Kumasi

Bishop Emmanuel Mensah was my wonderful host and Chairperson for the meetings.

Bishop Mensah's church (where we met) was always filled with actively interested participants, including some persons from the Moslem community.

Dr. Balouki, Coordinator for Africa, who conducted the seminar with me.

The seminar in progress

As in Kasoa, prayer is an inseparable element in the seminars and WCPA work among these servants of Christ.

The second day we broke into discussion groups: Identify what you believe are the four most valuable things in life.   There was an amazing consensus among the 5 groups.  If we eliminate the wasted one trillion dollars per year on militarism and establish global democracy, a decent world order for all persons is very possible.

At my request Bishop Mensah took me to visit some rural villages where he has done service work to the rural poor.  

Another rural village in the countryside west of Kumasi

 Below are some photos of one village, so far out of the way that the car could not make the rutted trail into the village.  We had to get out and walk the rest of the way.

Children stare at the rare visitors.

The path through the woods and bushes to the stream that serves as their water supply.

The latrine for the entire village with a make-shift wall for privacy.

Various projects connected with survival and a meager existence.  Rural villages like this exist all over the world, housing hundreds of millions of desperately poor people.   These constitute a very great shame upon human civilization on this planet.