WCPA Secretary-General gives talks and seminars in Kasoa Ghana during May 2010.

First Stop:

A primary WCPA chapter in Kasoa, Ghana, under the leadership of Reverend and Mrs. Tawiah, and Bishop Isaac Taylor hosted the Secretary-General for the first week of the tour in May 2010.  The people assembled for the three day seminar were enthusiastic and motivated.   It was a pleasure to meet them.  Reverend Tawiah and Bishop Taylor were wonderful hosts.



Thursday, 13th May, arrival,

Friday May 14th, travel to Kasoa, Ghana with Dr. Balouki

Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th:  Seminar


May 19th: departure for Kumasi


Reverend Tawiah (below) and Mrs. Beatrice Tawiah (above) leaders of the group that hosted this visit. 

The visit is organized by a five member steering committee comprised of:

 Pastor Anthony K Tawiah, Sec., Coordination


Mrs. Beatrice Tawiah, Hospitality


Rev. (Bishop) Isaac . Taylor, Chairman


Mrs. Evelyn Taylor, Fin. Sec, Treasure


Eld. Richard Cudloe, Security





Bishop Taylor introduces Drs. Martin and Balouki







The seminar in session







Visiting the new Trinity International School adjacent to the church





The school is an impressive accomplishment.   There is right now a great need for a school bus to serve those students who live too far from school to walk.   Some of the students attending the school are orphans taken care of by the school and the church.

In the foreground is Betty who was so helpful and kind with all the activities in Kasoa. 
I very much appreciated her presence at the meetings and events.  On the left is Bishop Taylor who is very passionate about his service to the poor in the name of Jesus Christ.

In the concluding ceremonies we handed out WCPA membership certificates to nearly 200 persons from the Kasoa area.   The chapter is active, vibrant, and understands the moral imperative for a world based on peace, justice, and prosperity for all God's children.

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