GUSI International Peace Prize

Awarded to Dr. Glen T. Martin

President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

 in Manila, Philippines,

November 24-28, 2013

Acceptance Speech

Photos of events organized by the GUSI Peace Prize International Foundation

A giant billboard near Rizal Park announces the upcoming Peace Prize events

First Day: Wreath laying ceremony in Rizal Park




Rizal Park ceremony with Military Honor Guard




Dignitaries line up for the ceremony 








Peace Prize ceremonies in Rizal Park after laying the wreath 






Rizal Park Ceremonies 



Peace  Prize Laureates line up for the press in Rizal Park. From left:
Hon. Abdul Nouman, Founder/Director of DORP, Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh, Arnold
Ruutel, former-President of Estonia, Dr. Glen T. Martin, President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc., Yolanda Reyes, Peace Architect, Philippines, Malek Jandali, Musician and Composer, Syria, Hon. Catherine Atoki, Human Rights Activist, Nigeria, Al-Saddig Al-Mahdi, former-Prime Minister, Sudan, Emile Constantinescu, former President Romania, Dr.  Orhan Guvenen, former Ambassador of Turkey to OECD, Dr. Abdelmadjid Amrani, Dean of Humanities, U. of Batna, Algeria, Dr. Igor Kondrashin, President, World Philosophical Forum, Russia, Dr. Raoul Weller, Climate Scientist, Belgium, Hon. Jerome Binde, former Deputy-Assistant Director-General of UNESCO. 








Tour of University Santos Tomas given by its Rector: front center, left of him: Ambassador Barry Gusi, Right of him: Dr. Evelyn Gusi 









Asking questions of the Rector about U. of Santo Tomas, founded in 1611 
















Visit to Tuloy Children’s Village for former street children










Some 900 formerly homeless boys and girls live there 




We visit the hydroponic farm of the children’s village 





Dinner with Father Rocky, Director of the Village. On the left is my wife, Phyllis Turk, on the right Prof. Igor Kondrashin of Russia











Some of the kids with U.S. flags. On the right is Emmanuel Jones, a State Senator in Georgia, USA


















At the Press Conference for the Gusi Peace Prize 2013













Each Laureate addressed the audience





Talking to the press about the Earth Constitution













At the Welcome Dinner for some 400 national and international dignitaries: standing: Prince Faisal Al Saud from Saudi Arabia













Addressing the audience at the Welcome Dinner















Talking about the Earth Constitution at the Welcome Dinner 











With Dr. Halo-N, the first Al Quranic Scientist of the World (front), my wife, and members of the Gual Periok Foundation, Malaysia




















Receiving from Dr. Halo-N a copy of his impressive tome Al Fathun Nawa, inscribed with my name on the cover and a personal note from Dr. Halo-N. This book is an immense commentary on the Quran in the light of Dr. Halo-N's Quranic Science.





















Prior to the awarding ceremony at the Philippine Convention Center with an audience of some 4000 people













Laureates walked to the stage between a military honor guard




















Walking to the stage followed by a soldier carrying a U.S. flag



















Walking past the Honor Guard 















The Laureates on stage awaiting the award








Receiving the International Peace Prize Plaque







Receiving the GUSI International Peace Prize from Ambassador Gusi 













Holding up the award for the Press and the audience













Laureates display their award plaques for the audience























Acceptance speech














Addressing the audience about the Earth Constitution 






End of the GUSI Award photo presentation