Study Abroad in Costa Rica, Part 2



With Rodrigo Caratzo, former President of Costa Rica, who spoke with us about how we can work for a world of peace with justice.  Back row from left are Michael, Kirk, Jesse, Carleen, Rodrigo Caratzo, Stu, and Ana Sanchez.  Front row are Scott, Melissa, and Celina Garcia.




Visiting an orphanage outside of San Jose.   We played soccer with some of the little orphan kids.  Those kids can really play!




At an open air restaurant in San Jose on the way to the National Museum of Costa Rica.




Dancing with the women and kids of La Promisa, a resettlement community of Costa Rican poor.




A visit to the incredible "Seven Waterfalls" of Costa Rica.




A herd of cattle slow our bus to a crawl as we head toward one night in a lodge in Tortuguero National Park.




The next morning we took this ride in a smaller boat through the canals to see the many animals of the rainforest.




At the final picnic with our home-stay families, the class lets loose in the pouring rain with mud soccer and, believe it or not, mud wrestling.







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Introduction to Peace Studies Maymester 2005






Visiting La Carpio, a slum community of Nicaraguan immigrants.




Waling through an immense butterfly garden under a net (in the background) that is home to thousands of butterflies.





Visiting an indigenous Indian community and learning how they make their products through methods thousands of years old.





We take a lesson in "sacred dance" from Anna Orozko (right), a Journalist who also teaches classes in Sacred Dance in San Jose.




Visiting the huge "Earth University" in which everything is recycled and grown on the premises.  Students from all over Latin America learn sustainable animal and farming methods and how to begin their own businesses.




There are no roads into the jungle rain forests of Totuguero.  We traveled 22 kilometers in this boat on the inland waterway along the Caribbean coast to reach our lodge.




The beach near our lodge.  The lodge included boats for our use, a swimming pool, bar, and incredible buffet meals.





The final picnic with our home-stay families in Cuidad Colon, the town that was our home-base while in Costa Rica.