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Clan Lockhart


Corda serrata pando — I open locked hearts.


A heart Gules within a fetterlock Sable, in front of three feathers Gules, Argent and Sable.


A boar’s head erased argent, langued gules.


Argent, a man’s heart Gules within a fetterloc Sable, on a Chief Azure three boar’s head erased of the First.

The history of the Lockharts dates back to 1066, the family being among those disposed by William the Conqueror and seeking refuge in Scotland. The family, originally spelling their name "Locard," settled mainly in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. They can be traced back to Stephanus or Stephen Lockard and his son Symon by the towns they founded: Stevenston and Symington. The exact date when the lands of Lee came into the family is not known, but 1272 is traditionally accepted. Symon (Second of Lee) won fame for himself and his family in the wars against the English when he fought alongside King Robert the Bruce and was knighted for his loyal service. Sir Symon accompanied Lord James Douglas and Sir William St. Clair when they took the heart of Bruce on crusade in Spain in 1329. Sir Symon was entrusted with the key to its casket and returned it home safely when Douglas was killed. For this honor, Sir Symon's name was changed to Lockheart and then to Lockhart. A heart within a fetterlock was from then on included in the family arms with the motto "Corda Serrata Pando" (I open locked hearts). The family also acquired a precious heirloom from the crusade, a mysterious charm known as the Lee Penny.

The current Chief of the Lockhart Clan is Angus Lockhart of the Lee. He is the 27th hereditary Chief of the Lockharts of Lee and 12th of Carnwath. He traces his direct line back over 700 years to William Loccard, 1272.

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