European Literary Trails: Study  Abroad  Program
Director: Professor Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

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1. General Program Description. 
2. Digital Component--"Virtual Course Pack."
3. Benefits for Students.

1. The Program. 

    In accordance with Radford University’s mandates for students’ learning goals and learning outcomes, this "Maymester" Program is designed to meet the educational goals of all RU students by providing opportunities for intellectual reflection and growth through travel to Ireland and Italy. The destinations selected for "European Literary Trails" offer a broad range of educational values: students visit sites long-recognized for their literary, cultural and historical significance and experience first hand both texts and contexts in historical/cultural settings.

This website provides  information about "European Literary Trails;" more can be found on the Curriculum & Cost page.
2. Virtual Literary Trails: Digital Course Pack for Travel-Based Programs.

“European Literary Trails” Study Abroad Program was launched in 2002 and, initially, it has been enhanced by Radford University’s “Support of Teaching and Curriculum Development: Innovative Teaching Grant.” Because travel-based literature courses make it impractical to rely on textbooks and because absence of classroom instruction precludes traditional lecturing and content analysis, the grant funds allowed for the development of a server-based digital course pack, with materials accessible to students “on the road” and/or away from urban areas. In 2007 the Program's content has migrated to iTunesU.
          As described under Curriculum, “European Literary Trails” Program coursework includes digital requirement: students submit their final projects as "electronic scrap-books", i.e., web sites that anchor their personal and cultural experiences abroad. The content of students' websites has to include literary journals interwoven with personal reflection on reading/writing assignments, photographs, and research material (with links to literary/cultural sites named in their writings).

3. Benefits for Students

"European Literary Trails" Program benefits students as it supports the missions of the University by:

  •  incorporating digital infrastructure and integrating multimedia educational technology;
  •  developing curriculum that stresses active, experiential learning through travel-based and content-oriented course work;
  •  internationalizing curriculum (and in his case, combining the Program’s virtual, digital content with “hands-on” environment).
  •  developing critical curiosity, cultural diversity and communication skills,
  •  fostering students’ international perspective, cultural and international awareness, and
  •  engaging them in truly “world wide web” cross-cultural research

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