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A visit to Dublin will not be complete without side trips: maybe to Howth, or to Dun  Laoghaire, or to Glendalough. Below are some of the views from "monastic city" of Glendalough ("the glen--or valley--of the two lakes") in Co. Wicklow. It is the site of 6th-c. monastery of St. Kevin (read more).  Every year I come back here with students who participate in my "European Literary Trails" Study Abroad. They are invariably spellbound by this majestic place.

On our way to Glendalough, we pass through Wicklow Mountains and Sally Gap
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 The Gateway (1) leads to the monastic city, the graveyard (2, 3) and to the famous St. Kevin's Cross (4).

St. Kevin's Church (or "Kitchen")

The Round Tower in the background; gravestones & a high cross

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Monastic city:  Cathedral (1)       and priests' house (2, 3) with gravestones

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