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Coole Park

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One of the great literary attractions around Galway is Thoor Ballylee.  The pictures below show the tower from the level  of stone bridge (1),  a view from the top onto that same bridge (2), and two side views of the cottage (3, 4).  My 2003 students line up the bridge and, at the bottom of the page, my 2004 students enjoy the view from the top after exploring the rooms and climbing the steep, winding stairs of Yeats's ivory tower.

1   2 3Another View from the Cottage side 4Closed in early May, alas....

                                            Radford University Gang--May 20032003 Students


                                             "I, the poet William Yeats..."
                                                                                            An inscription of Yeats's commitment to Georgie: all in stone...

            Yeats's Chair  in the nook bedroom on top floor
      The dining room and the bedroom                                                                                                                    

Winding Stairs leading to the small door  and to the top of the Thoor

  My 2004 Students     enjoying the  view from Ivory Tower

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