Courtney Lerchís Study Abroad Portfolio ~ 2005

English 201-Honors and English and 314

Study Abroad with Radford University

European Literary Trails Program

Director: Dr. Jolanta Wawrzycka



European Literary Trails is a Study Abroad program run through Radford University and led by English Professor Dr. Jolanta Wawrzycka.  During May of 2005, a group of 11 students, myself included, traveled for three weeks throughout beautiful Ireland and Italy.  We visited literary and historical sites, natural wonders, and ate some of the best food in the world!  The content of this website details my experience traveling abroad.  It contains my personal photos (unless otherwise noted) and my personal experiences as well as background information on the sites visited and links to additional resources.  I also completed four additional pages of research to receive credit through the Honors Academy for English 201.  Those pages contain information about Irelandís struggle for independence from around 1900 to 1921, Irish Martial Law during the time of the Easter Rising, and Constance Markievicz.  I highly recommend looking into this Study Abroad program!   I hope you enjoy exploring this site and your travels. J


2005 Study Abroad English Honors Project


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IRELAND                                            ITALY


Travel/Packing Tips                                                              Travel/Packing Tips


Galway                                                                                 Florence

          Background Information                                                   Uffizi Court Sculptures

          Nora Barnacle House                                                         Duomo

          Thoor Ballylee                                                                       Santa Croce

          Coole Park                                                                            Dante Sites

          Cliffs of Moher                                                                      Piazzale Míangelo

          Fun Story                                                                               Fun Story

Sligo                                                                                       Rome

          Background Information                                                   Santa Maria Maggiore

          Drive Through Connemara                                               Coliseum

          Yeats Day 1                                                                          Vatican

          Yeats Day 2                                                                          Fun Story

          Special Dinners                                                          Food

          Fun Story                                                                      Shopping


          Background Information

          Temple Bar

          Trinity College

          Kilmainham Gaol

          Famine Memorial

          James Joyce Center


          Fun Story