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Nora's House  Coole Park  Thoor Ballylee  Cliffs of Moher  The Burren

Our "Yeats Day" in a Galway area includes visits to Coole Park, Thoor Ballylee and the Kiltartan Gregory Museum. Then we drive to the famous Cliffs of Moher and through the Burren to catch a sunset over the Atlantic.

Exploring the southern part of Galway Bay:
below, Dunguaire Castle,
a picturesque photo-stop on our way to Cliffs of Moher

         Dunguaire Castle               Climbing..   Higher...    Driving up the "corkscrew"  Higher up--one can see the edge of the Burren on the left|

 Classic sights from the Cliffs of Moher

           Cliffs..     Another classic picture unattached..      

          Around the Burren1           Coole Park Geologist's Heaven

                                              Bliss on the Beach Bliss on the Beach                      
                                              The Shadow & the Moon                Moonlight Lindsey         and friends


     And waiting..Waiting for the sunset     ...a perfect ending to a perfect day...

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