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Aran Islands

102_0219  "One day trip" to Aran Islands' largest isle, Inis Mόr, translates, alas, into just few hours. In 2004, we stayed overnight and had a much fuller experience of the Island. But even one day visit allows for a tour of Dun Aengus fort, provided that one hires a van--the drivers are waiting for takers at the ferry landing. Also, starting with the the Visitors' Centre is helpful and informative--see below.

102_0202_r1 102_0210  The Visitors' Centre Exhibit highlights the islands' history and heritage, which includes LANGUAGE and the life of the Cliffmen, to mention just a few subjects.  Archeology and anthropology are the prevailing themes of the Exhibit, though cultural history and literature are equally prominent.

102_0211Here is a picture of a rescue cart: it was meant to "fish" you out of the fierce sea, should you have lost your footing at the edge of a 200-foot vertical cliff, which was a likely possibility considering the existence of the CLIFFMEN: see the 2 pictures below:
                                                         102_0207   102_0208

Some of the typical sights of the island: landscape 102_0212 102_0213 102_0214
around the Seven Churches 102_0216 102_0217

An wind-free evening on the island is "deafeningly" quiet: other than an occasional vehicle, there is nothing to generate a sound, so I was grateful for my 2004 solitary evening: just me, the sun setting at 11 pm  and precious silence:  

A mild climb to DUN AENGUIS--and then--

magnificent sights are the reward! 102_0221_r1    102_0222_r1   102_0230_r1

102_0220 Bliss is looking down at this  102_0223   102_0225 and Deanna is giving me a heart attack.

102_0224 If you saw the film Man of Aran, you will appreciate this sight even more. But the boy fishing for supper was all alone, unlike Erik and Lindsey

102_0226_r1  Dara O Maoildhia,102_0227  our gracious and generous host, lecturing atop of Dun Aengus.  He is the author of the Pocket Guide to Arainn (I'm grateful for the inscribed copy).

102_0231 102_0232_r1 The way my students seat here--they have me on edge! 102_0228_r1

102_0233_r1     102_0236 102_0235 102_0239 102_0237_r1 102_0240
Entrance to
Dun Aengus  and some sights from the walls of this pre-historic fort.

 Climb down from Dun Aengus 102_0238,  pause at the souvenir stop 102_0241,  and a brief wait 102_0242_r1
                                                                                                                                                                  for the ferry
                                                                                                                                                                   back to "mainland,"
                                                                                                                                                                   as they say on Inis Mόr... 


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