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December 2016


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Security Tip - Holiday Phishing
At this time of year, users find more "package delivery" e-mails in their inbox that contain malware, because everyone's making purchases for the Holidays. The senders are spoofed Federal Express, USPS, DHL and UPS addresses referencing a delivery number, with a URL to click for information. Do NOT click. This URL can download malware, backdoors or ransomware that will interrupt your work life and possibly encrypt your machine. Beware of package delivery fraud, and use a special private e-mail address for all your online purchases. The Federal Trade Commission has a good resource on their website.

Banner Tip
Supplemental Data Engine(SDE) is a Banner feature that allows user-defined fields to be added to a Banner form. This allows information to be associated with a record on a Banner form without any customization required to the form.

If SDE information is associated with a record on a Banner form, the lightbulb icon on the toolbar will be lit up.
Banner bulb turned onTo access the information, click the lightbulb and the Supplemental Data screen will be displayed with the existing data.

offIf SDE information is not associated with a record on a Banner form, the lightbulb icon will be greyed out.

DoIT Logo

Division of Information Technology
Radford University

"rusecure" WiFi Going Away Jan. 4 to Complete Transition to "Radford_Wireless"

To enhance wireless network access, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) updated the WiFi network list during the summer of 2016. On Jan. 4, 2017 the network named "rusecure" will be discontinued.

Mobile devices that utilize wireless networking and have not completed the transition to "Radford_Wireless" will stop working until they are configured to connect to the new wireless network. We encourage users to transition their devices to "Radford_Wireless" and make the appropriate selection to "forget" rusecure.

If you have questions about this change, contact the Technology Assistance Center at or 540-831-7500.

Power Down During Winter Break

As you prepare to leave your office for Winter break, remember that this is an opportunity to reduce energy usage by powering down any IT equipment that will not be used over the break. This includes your computer, monitor, printer, copier and other associated devices.

Annual Technology Support Survey

Each year the Division of Information Technology surveys faculty and staff to better understand needs and help improve our services. You may complete the survey by using the link below or by navigating to the Division of Information Technology web page and selecting "Annual Technology Support Survey" under Quick Links.

AEM Web Content Management System Update

The content management tool that is used to update web sites across campus has been updated to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) version 6.2. For most of the 200 content editors across campus, you may not notice any changes - most of the upgrade was behind the scenes. However, for those of you who use the Digital Asset Management tool, you will notice significant improvement in the speed in which the image list displays.

Here are some reminders for AEM content authors of some best practices to ensure your website displays and performs its best:

  • If you are uploading images to use on your website, please ensure that the images are saved for web / web optimized. High resolution graphics files impact the page load time when users are navigating to your site.
  • When your site is updated, please remember to test your site on mobile devices and make sure it is still easy to navigate and looks appealing.
  • Minimize the use of PDF files. Only use PDFs where long documents such as manuals or annual reports, forms, or other specific printable documents are needed.
  • Carefully select the words and phrases you use in window titles, page titles, headers, links, and the URL name of your page. For page descriptions and text in the body of your page minimize jargon and use complete and well-constructed sentences. This is called Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, and is important because it helps drive traffic to your website and helps users find relevant content.

If you need help with any of these areas, please contact Web Communications and Strategy at

CHBS Television Studio Completed

The installation for an advanced television studio in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building is now complete. The studio incorporates a two-wall green screen, LED lighting and the ability to have two television sets for quick switching from a desk shot to a standup shot. The studio is fitted with Hitachi Z-HD5000 HDTV cameras and on-camera tele-prompters.

two Hitachi monitors

In addition to the "manned" cameras, there is a Hitachi DK-750 PTZ robot camera with a Fujinon HDTV motorized lens. This robotic camera allows a one-camera shoot to be managed from the control room with only the talent in the studio reducing the number of production staff members. The cameras are routed to a Ross carbonite switcher. This switcher, along with the green screen, allows the background behind the talent to be updated in the studio as well as displaying other video or animations.

All of the graphics, animations, and video are played from a Ross Xpression character generator. This character generator is used worldwide by both professional sports teams and national news organizations. A Ross Inception rundown creator is available for news production. Students can use this program to write their scripts on any computer in the building and add graphics and production cues from one easy to use system.

animation stage

When the script is complete, students can activate the script and it will automatically be distributed to all parts of the studio ready to display in sequence, the script is even loaded to the teleprompter with all the production cues deemed necessary making the studio setup a breeze. If there is some video that needs to be added while the production is on-going, there is a direct fiber connection to 11 video editing bays in the nearby video editing suite. This allows each production to add the most recent information.

When a production calls for a video production background other than a green screen or calls for a change in venue, the studio is connected to multiple classrooms in the building including a large lecture hall and a convergence lab. The studio also has the ability to use a video optimized Internet system to link with national media outlets. This gives our faculty and community the opportunity to reach out to the nation.

January OurTurn

Planning for January Our Turn is currently underway. Mark your calendar for the week of January 10th - 12th and watch for announcements on workshops and other opportunities for faculty and staff training during this time.

Academic Technologies will lead several technology session during this year's January Our Turn event. Some examples include:

  • Desire 2 Learn (D2L) Diving Deeper - Conditional release, attendance schedules and user progress.
  • Overview and Updates - The new video editing and awards tools.
  • Utilizing Quizzes - Quizzing options, randomizing questions and answers.
  • Grading with iPads - Assignment Grader to assist in giving feedback to students.
  • Microsoft Office
    • Outlook - Calendar and search tools. How to create "quick steps".
    • Excel - Locating and analyzing data.
    • Introduction to Office 365/OneDrive - Store, share and collaborate online.
  • Windows 10
  • OneNote - Organizing information in a searchable format.
  • iPads - Beyond e-reader, email and web surfing

Faculty "Spotlight"

Just over three years ago, the Division of Information Technology introduced high definition video conferencing capabilities to Radford University that included the installation of a three screen immersive telepresence room. Immersive telepresence delivers an in-person experience while communicating with remote individuals.

Since its installation, the telepresence room has hosted a variety of meetings that have ranged from business meetings, dissertation defenses, government meetings, guest speakers, and synchronous distance education courses. To follow up on the rooms use as a classroom, the division reached out to Dr. Kathy Hoover in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Dr. Hoover has used the facility for a few classes that connects directly with a room located at the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

To use the three screen room, the instructor must be seated to engage with remote students. When speaking of the transition from a traditional room setup to the arrangement of the telepresence room, Hoover feels "…It does enhance a more casual atmosphere… Certainly the arrangement and comfort of the seating is an advantage! The large screens are also helpful to see the faces of students…"

Another take away from Dr. Hoover's response was how comfortable students are with engagement between themselves and the instructor. These students have been in a cohort with each other for three years and the distance barrier is effectively eliminated through the use of this technology. This cohort of students working in separate locations experience immersive telepresence as a bridge over physical distance allowing for effective communication as if in person.

Meet the DoIT Staff

John BenfieldJohn Benfield –
WVRU Operations Director

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? Since 2011 (before we were in P.R.).

Family: Wife - Kirsten Benfield, Cat - Elsie, Dog - Roxy

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA

Education: Radford University, Bachelors in Media Studies 1998.

Interests/Hobbies: Playing music, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Art, Video Editing, Photography, Audio Recording and Production.

Favorite vacation destination: Outer Banks, NC.

Favorite part of your job: Teaching students about radio systems, music and the history of music.