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Banner Tip
Users can customize colors in Banner for up to 9 elements such as background canvas, icon buttons and scroll bars. This feature is especially useful for those users who perform testing in multiple instances and want a visual cue that work is being performed in a particular instance. Navigate to File and then Preferences. Click the down arrow icon next to a particular element and a dialogue box with a color map will appear. Choose your desired color. Repeat for as many elements that need to be changed. When complete, press Save.

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Division of Information Technology
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Computer lab and software availability

In order to provide students with access to university-licensed software in more locations, DoIT has installed a common set of software in all computer labs and classrooms, minimizing the need for students to visit a specific departmental lab.

Some examples of the installed software include the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Acrobat Professional, Dreamweaver and Illustrator), the AutoCad Suite, ArcGIS and several statistical and mathematical packages such as JMP, MatLab, Maple, Mathematica, R, SAS and SPSS.

If you find that a specific software package is not installed in a campus computer lab, please visit and submit a support request or contact the Technology Assistance Center at 540-831-7500.

Don't forget to update your smartphone!

Your smartphone can be compromised just as easily as a computer. If you click on a bad URL or email attachment, your phone can be infected or encrypted with malware.

There are many exploits written specifically for the iPhone and Android platforms. Be sure to allow your phone and apps to update when it signals that there is one available, and make time to back up the phone to your computer before updating.

You'll be happy you've saved your contacts and pictures if the phone is lost or stolen, and you'll be safer online with the device you use the most.

Starfish 'Go Live' in August

Faculty, staff and students started using the new Starfish Connect and Early Alert system across campus on Aug. 15.

Rachel Hall, assistant director of Pre-major Advising and one of the project leads said, "We are thrilled to have Starfish at Radford University. I believe it will have a positive impact on student success, while giving faculty, advisors and student support staff a central location for viewing critical student information, adding meeting notes as well as raising flags for students in academic or social distress and kudos for a job well done."

Additional Starfish benefits include:

  • Notifying students at risk in their courses early enough for them to take appropriate action.
  • Giving students the ability to efficiently schedule appointments with advisors and others.
  • Giving advisors the tools needed to effectively communicate with students.

The implementation began in April this year with a project team made up of faculty and staff representatives from the Advising Center, Career Services, IT, Enrollment, Student Affairs and the LARC.

The project involved creating a new integration with Banner as well as migrating data from the Hobsons legacy product, AgileAdvisor.

Susan Hudson, Radford's new Starfish administrator, said, "I am excited to be working with Starfish and to be helping instructors, advisors, staff and students as we integrate this new system and all its features into our retention, advising and student success initiatives."

If you have any questions about Starfish, or if you are interested in attending a training session, please contact

Transition from rusecure to Radford_Wireless to be completed Jan. 4

To enhance wireless network access, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) updated the WiFi network list during the summer of 2016. On Jan. 4, 2017 the network named "rusecure" will be discontinued.

Mobile devices that utilize wireless networking and have not completed the transition to "Radford_Wireless" will stop working until they are configured to connect to the new wireless network.

New laptops distributed during the summer of 2016 have been configured to utilize "Radford_Wireless" by default. Other users should review their current configuration on laptops, smartphones and tablets and other devices and reconnect to "Radford_Wireless."

WiFi Network List Description
Eduroam Wireless access for users from other universities participating in eduroam
Radford_Guest Guest network allowing seven-day, self-registration by guests
Radford_Wireless New faculty/staff/student default
rusecure Discontinuing on Jan. 4, 2017

As a reminder, Radford University faculty, staff and students can now connect to the Wi-Fi network at Virginia Tech and other universities that support eduroam. If you are visiting an institution and "eduroam" appears as one of the available wireless networks, you may connect and use this network. You will need to enter as your username and your Radford password.

Technology training offered

Academic Technologies offers a number of workshops each month for faculty and staff. If you need training that is not included on the list below or would like to request a one-on-one, group or custom technology workshop, contact Academic Technologies at 540-831-7521 or

You may also visit the ITOneStop Solutions Library ( for a variety of online tutorials, Quick Reference Guides, "how-to" videos and articles to assist you with campus technologies.

To enroll in one of these sessions, contact Academic Technologies at 540-831-7521 or To find out more details about what sessions are offered and to view a complete listing of training for the entire semester, please visit our training website.



Time Location
Windows: Windows 10 Introduction Fri, Oct. 7 9:30-11 a.m. Walker 216
D2L: Consulting Fri, Oct. 7 2-4 p.m. Walker 216
Banner Finance and eVA Tues, Oct. 11 8:30 a.m.-
3 p.m.
Walker 216
iPad: Deployment Fri, Oct. 14 2-3 p.m. Walker 216
Windows: Windows 10 Introduction Thurs, Oct. 20 1:30-3 p.m Walker 216
D2L: Consulting Fri, Oct 21 2-4 p.m. Walker 216
Office: Word-Tips and Tricks Tues, Oct. 25 9-10:30 a.m. Walker 216
Technology Tips for Administrative Assistants Thurs, Oct. 27 9-10:30 a.m. Walker 216
iPad: Deployment Fri, Oct. 28 2-3 p.m. Walker 216

Classroom upgrades update

DoIT upgrades campus classrooms on a regular basis to provide faculty and students with a technology-rich teaching and learning environment. Many classroom upgrades were completed for the start of school.


  • Twenty learning spaces were outfitted with the latest technology. All classrooms include 90-inch LED television displays which will replace projector use. Additional technology configurations are underway for the mock courtroom, emergency operations center, watch room, TV studio and podcasting area.
  • Forty-eight Breakout spaces are soon to be completed providing collaborative work space for students and faculty.

Young Hall

  • Rooms 302 and 406 have updated technology.
  • Room 402 was divided to make two rooms, 402A and 402B. Each learning space features all new technology.

Russell Hall

  • Rooms - 007,025 and 033 have updated technology.

Meet the DoIT Staff

Matthew PoorMatthew Poor –
Desktop Applications Administrator

How long have you been employed in the Division of Information Technology at Radford University? Since May 25, 2016.

Family: My family includes my Mother, three sisters and nine nieces and nephews.

Hometown: Jonesville, Virginia.

Education: I have an associate degree in computer networking from Mountain Empire Community College, and am working on my bachelor's in IT security

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy golfing, playing guitar, video games, going to concerts, watching sports (Notre Dame, Cubs, Lakers and Redskins) and traveling.

Favorite vacation destination: Oregon is my favorite destination so far.

Favorite part of your job: Trying to find solutions to difficult problems.