Networking start

Below is a list of useful links that can be used as a starting point when it comes to learning computer networking and analyzing it's traffic.


Nmap is a network decoveory tool that you can use to map out networks, find open ports, system infomation, and more .

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Wireshark is used both to collect and anazlye packet data from a file or your own data capture.

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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

W3 is main standards organization for the www. Their web site has heaps of documention on protocols

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IETF Tools

This website has even more documention on protocols then even w3's web site with every thing form HTTP to FTPS

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NetWork Minner

Like Wireshark, Network Minner is a packet capture and anaslation tool, but is more user friendly, which makes it a good addtion to use with wireshark

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TCP Dump

TCP Dump is in contrast to network minner. It is a very powerful, but hard to learn termal based packet analysis tool that is made for the unix command line

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