Below is a list of useful links that can be used as a starting point when it comes to learning cryptology and how to reverse it

RSA/Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman

RSA is a form of encyption that was a cryptology standard for years. RSA will give you a look into just how modern cryptology today words in the back end.

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HashCat is a powerful password recovery tool that can ulitlise both passwords list and rules sets, along with being able to crack a wide number of different hash types.

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Crypto Crack

Crypto Crack is used to crack alphabet based ciphers or classical ciphers such as the well know ceasar cipher.

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Crack Station

Crack Statino is a light weight password recovery tool that will run a given hash against know hashes and there plan-text. It is not as power full as other tools, but being a online tool gives it value.

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Hash Fuction

Hashing fuctions are the way that most password are stored today. It is a one way function that is easy to preform, but very hard to reverse.

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Cryptocurrency is a pretty recent devlopment, but uses the same princables of other cryptologys such as hashing.

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