Little Maggie

Over yonder stands little Maggie, with a dram glass in her hand.
Sheís drinking away her troubles, and courting some other man
. Oh, how can I ever stand it to see them two blue eyes.
A shining in the moonlight like two diamonds in the sky.

Pretty flowers were made for blooming, pretty stars were made to shine.
Pretty women were made for loving; Little Maggie was made for mine.
Last time I saw my little Maggie, she was sitting on the banks of the sea.
with a forty-four strapped around her, and a banjo on her knee.

Iím going down to the station with my suitcase in my hand
. Iím a going to leave this country, and Iím a going to some far distant land.
Go away, go away little Maggie--- Go and do the best you can.
Iíll get me another woman; you can get you another man.

Submitted by Angela M. Ruley

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