East Virginia Blues

I was born in East Virginia,
North Carolina I did go.
There I met a fair young maiden,
And her name I did not know.

Oh, her hair was dark and curly,
And her cheeks were rosy red.
On her breast she wore white linen,
Where I longed to lay my head.

I donít want your green back dollar,
I donít want your watch and chain.
All I want is your heart darling,
Say youíll take me back again.

The oceanís deep and I canít wade it,
And I have no wings to fly.
Iíll just get me a blue eyed boaten,
For to row me over time.

Iíll go back to East Virginia,
North Carolina ainít my home.
Iíll go back to East Virginia,
Leave them North Carolinians alone.

Submitted by Angela M. Ruley

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