Season 16 Archives

Life Section
The Life section covers news and events at Radford University, the surrounding community, and everywhere else.

Tech Section
The Tech Section is an authority on any new technology to date. It features the latest news on electronics, games, and gadgets.

Ritz Section
Ritz is the entertainment section of Whim. Here you will find reviews of current and noteworthy releases in movies, music, television and literature; as well as comics, games, reviews, and local flavor.

Vent Section
In the Vent section, you will find editorials, complaints and compliments regarding almost any issue. If you have an opinion, it goes here!

Sports Section
The Sports section is open to RU and other sporting events, controversy, and coverage. If it's sports related, it's here!

Toon Section
Toon is a tribute to all things illustrated. Here you'll find cartoons, artwork and articles about concerning both.