"...before I get Medieval on your hiney!"
| Published 12/12/03

Graphic By: John Cordiano

It ain't easy being a Geek on a budget. But when it comes down to it, budgeting my geeky costs forces me to use my money wisely and try to buy things on sale. It was buying things on sale that drew me into playing the playable demo to see if it was worth the price. Medieval Heroes turned out to be a strategy-RPG. Set in medieval Europe, your objective is to unite all of mainland Europe under your banner. You can do this by making aliances, raiding, conquering and by defeating the last castle of an advisary.

This first version of Medieval Heroes is very memory efficient. The high-res version measures only 845kb on my Tungsten. Considering the impressive graphics that are included in the title screens and "Victory", I would expect the game to take much more space. This game is definitely the domain of the simulation fanatic. The game is easily beatable using a hero who is mighty in battle with the difficulty on easy. If you change your hero or difficulty, things get a lot harder fast. The team of Arcona Magi consists of hard-working people. This game shows a lot of effort and thought. What is even better is that it is reasonably priced. In communicating with Dmitriy, I was impressed with several points he made about the teams efforts for this edition and the forthcoming MH2.

  • We spent for about 3 months reading literature and facts about medieval ages, so you can see (in MH1) a map of Central Europe with real provinces of 14th century. We will add much more detailed historical maps and missions in MH2.
  • Some of MH2 missions will have a different goals! (Not only "kill'em all" missions)
  • We have invited some new members to our team, so you'll see a much more powerful AI, pretty graphics and other nice features in MH2.
  • We plan to add multiplayer game support in MH2.
  • We will also release a PocketPC version of MH2.
As you can see they have made the effort and continue to make the effort. They even have an open call for "wish lists" and "suggestions" for the new version of Medieval Heroes. You can e-mail them here with your ideas and requests. Medieval Heroes is priced right, fun to play, easy enough to figure out and has a very responsive software team behind it. I love the game and am looking forward to the next edition. You can download your own playable demo from Palmgear. I'm sure once you've played it, you'll go back and buy it.

Kevin Martin is Whim's resident Geek. Often when he's not fighting technology ignorance, he's playing games on his Palm Pilot.

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