Urban Legends at RU
Lauren Estes | Staff writer

The following tales from different residence halls around Radford’s campus may or may not be real. I’ve heard them through friends who lived in these buildings. If you’ve heard any haunting RU legends, or if you know a variation of one of the stories below, leave them below in the feedback section!

Tyler Hall

Rumor has it that while Radford was still an all-women vocational school, a student became pregnant by a professor. Since student/professor relations were strictly forbidden, the girl became so devastated about the situation that she hung herself in the elevator shaft of Tyler Hall.

Since Tyler has been renovated, the shaft where she hung herself is in a different location than the elevator today; however, students still report hearing strange noises and feeling spooked in the elevator. Actually, the old elevator shaft still exists for repair purposes but has a securely locked door blocking access to it.

An RA told me that one night while he was on rounds, he noticed that the door to the old shaft was open and he peered in. Hung from the top of the elevator shaft was a rope. The hanging rope startled the RA, especially since he was familiar with the tale. He blew off the idea that the rope hanging before him was the actual rope the girl had hung herself with and figured the door was left open by maintenance workers. He shut the door and finished his rounds for that hour. This RA told me that throughout that night of duty, he had to shut the door to the old elevator shaft THREE more times. Also, third floor residents of Tyler have said that sometimes they hear the sound of a baby crying from the attic area (maybe the ghost of the student’s unborn child? Who knows>?)

Muse Hall

One of Nostradamus’s famous predictions states that on Halloween of the last year of the 21st century, in a building with a huge clock and 13 stories that sits next to a river that runs backwards, there will be a mass murder. There are only two rivers in the WORLD that run backwards: the Nile and the New River. This makes Muse Hall a good candidate for the prediction. My suggestion: don’t take any chances and go stay with a friend Halloween night!

If you know anything about construction, you’ve heard that when hotels or high-rises are built, the 13th floor is usually excluded so the building numbers go 10…11…12….14…15…etc. Apparently, the Radford College president at the time of Muse’s construction, Dr. Charles Martin, was known to have a perverted sense of humor, and he purposely made sure that the new high-rise would have a 13th floor. Spooky, huh?

Peery Hall

In 1996, Radford University witnessed the tragic death of a student due to an overdose of medication mixed with alcohol. The female student that passed away that year was found by her roommate in their second floor room of Peery Hall. It’s been said that in the room that she once lived in the door will never stay open. When I was a Quest Assistant this summer, I was putting flyers in each room of Peery when it was empty, and I noticed that when I went into one of the rooms the door would begin to swing shut as I stepped into it. I pulled it back to the wall, and as I let go it still swung towards its latch. Needless to say, it kind of freaked me out. When I told a fellow staff member about it, he pointed out the story about the death and sure enough, the room I had been in and her room was one and the same.

Heth Hall

The place where Heth Hall now stands used to be the land on which the school’s president resided. Before that, though, the land housed the buried bodies of a cemetery. After awhile, the president arranged for the house to be torn down and rebuilt in another location. The reason for this was later discovered to be because he and his family were being haunted by ghosts from the cemetery. Now, many students and staff members of Heth Hall will admit to having frightening experiences in Heth, especially late at night. Nick Shrader, a building manager of Heth, said that sometimes when he locks up and leaves the building at night he "…can sense something watching [him] out to [his] car; when [he] turn[s] around and look[s] at the windows no one is there, but [he] just ha[s] this weird feeling." Nick also referred to "hot and cold spots" where you pick up strange vibes all over the building.

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Name: Jessica
Year: Junior
Major: IDEC
Many people were talking about the Muse perdiction around Halloween this year, but most people do not realize that the last year of this century is really 2000!

Name: Jennifer
Year: 2002
Major: german
They way I heard the story about Muse is a little different. The version I was told by several people said there will be a murder on Halloween, but it'll be on the 13th floor and it's supposed to happen some year before the new millenium, which I suppose will be this year since I haven't heard of anyone before now on 13 dying. I lived on the thirteenth floor last year and I stayed at a friends apartment on Halloween. I feel for all ya'll up on 13 this year.

Name: What an idiot
Hello? Do you not read first line of the article that said, "Page 2, Tuesday, October 5, 1976, Grapurchat" Back then, this WAS Radford College. Sad to know someone doesen't even know how to read an entire before complaining about it. I mean, like, whatever....

Name: What College????
Hello? Do you know which shcool you go to? It's called Radford UNIVERSITY. Sad to know someone doesen't even know where they go to school.

**I** respect girls that have lots of sex. Right on!

What’s Wrong with RC Women? By Jane E. Dierkes Page 2, Tuesday, October 5, 1976, Grapurchat I usually don’t mind tell people that I am a student at Radford College. But when they look at me with a disgusting leer and a revolting all-knowing twinkle in their eyes, and say, “So-o-o, you’re one of those Radford girl,” Then I become upset. Many Radford College women have heard that statement and noticed that attitude. We hear it from everyone- from snide Virginia Teach student to tactless Richmond businessmen. This is my third year as a Radford College student, and I have not yet figured out why Radford women have the reputation that they do. However, it might have something to do with an article that appeared last year in the nationally-circulated Stag magazine. For those of you who were fortunate enough not to see the article, the author stated that he had conduced a “sexual survey” at various colleges. (He did not give names, dated or facts concerning his survey). His conclusion was that, although Radford girls may not necessarily excel in sexual prowess, they were the most willing and most eager to help in his survey. A picture that the author said proved this conclusion appeared with the article. No one here seemed to recognizee the young lady in the photograph, but we may failed to recognize her since she was not wearing the familiar blue jean garb of RC women. As a matter of fact, she was wearing nothing at all. Chances are 99.9 out of 100 that this article was a hoax. I haven’t noticed any difference between Radford College women and any other college women, and I don’t know how we obtained this reputation, why we deserve it, of how to get rid of it. Maybe, if the girls in conveniently-located residence halls would discontinue their “moon shows”- primarily for the benefit of a male Tech audience, this would improve. Or, maybe, if a few girls would learn to hold their liquor at fraternity parties, rumors would stop. Just one time, I would like to hear someone say to me “Oh- you’re one of those Radford girls” in a tone of real respect and interest.

Name: RR
Want to know what happened to RU in the past? go to http://lib.runet.edu/grapurchat/ That's the old student newspaper from as far as back as 1921. It's funny to read the slow evolution from ladies fashion to complaints about getting arrested.

Name: Jason Smith
Contact Unsolved Mysteries. " Urban Legends at Radford University" I love these stories...Are there anymore....Please do tell the more the better. :)

Name: RR
Here is a story to research- but I doubt that RU will like you digging this one up. I have often heard that when they were building the Dedmon Center in the early 80's (I think), one of RU's young ladies vanished. There was an investigation, a trial, and all that. Turned out that she had been molested and killed by one of the Dedmon center construction workers and to cover up his crime, he confessed that he dumped her body in the wet cement that made the foundation of the Dedmon pool. The university considered digging up the pool for a while, but finally decided it would be too costly. Remember this next time you want to take a dive. Also remember that if you happen to be molested and burried in cement by one of RU's current round of construction workers, you will be part of the proud Radford legacy that Jessica Hensley mentioned earlier.

Name: PeeR
Jessica, that sounded sweet and all, but very much like a bumper sticker. Do you work for the PR department? :)

Name: Jessica Hensley
Year: junior
Major: art
Believe it or not, this is my third year here and this is the first time I've heard any of these stories. I didn't realize Radford University had so many stories. It's scary yet comforting, but they kind of give Radford university a legacy. A legacy of times past and people with the same kind of challenges that many of us will encounter during our college experience. That is not to say that many of us will experience or die from alcohol poisoning or have affairs with our professors, but we will all have challenges we have to face and these legends, no matter how far fetched they are, capture the idea of the institution of higher learning that we call our place of enlightment for four or more years, Radford University.

Name: Brian :)
Year: 2000
Major: Advertising
Nice article, Lauren. Congrats on making Whim's feature article this week!

I was that boy. hehehe

Didn't you hear about that student that went crazy and murdered his suitemates in Draper Hall? (just kidding)

Name: Melissa Holman
Year: Freshmen
Major: Pre-Business
I think these stories were very intersting to read, but they are scary. I am glad I live in Draper. There were no scary stories about my hall, thank goodness. Bye