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Whim- Season 05       Spring 1999
01/28 Whim Hits 10k, Makes History
Whim Design Makes Art History
Turok 2 Blasts The Competition
Connectix Gives Gamers What They Want
A New Dark Circus
Tips From Dear Nikki
Personal Liberty
Campus Segregation
02/04 Off Campus Issues Forum
Students Explore Jobs at Career Week
Rogue Squadron: Reclaim your skies
Site Spotlight: ZDNet.com
In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Superbowl XXXIII Ads
What goes on with AXP?
Parking Problems
RU: Who Are we?
02/11 Radford University's Writing Center
SGA News
The Year 2000 bug How you should handle it
Gangsters: It's About Time!
Site Spotlight: Dynamic Drive
Site Spotlight: eBay
Take The Movie Trivia Quiz
Whim's New Coloring Book
Whim's Over 21 Drink List
Elevator Trash cans
The Half-Dollar
02/18 The Dominant Ruth: At A Glance
Road Trip: Washington D.C.
A look at Internet Explorer 5.0
Digital Cable In Radford
A Tribute to 80's Music
Shakespeare In Love Reviewed
Your Pal, Vinnie the Barber
Roommate Problems
Do Clothes Make the Man?
02/25 Road Trip: Atlanta How RU's Network Works Online Music Sites Comparison
The Movie Trivia Quiz Answers
Teletubbies: Bad Diplomacy?
Early Packers
03/04 CAAR: Defending the Defenseless
Spring Break Flight Tips
Gravis' X-terminator Helene Reviews "She's All That"
Vinnie Helps "Wrecked Romantic"
Telephone Service, yea right!
Tearing up the Grass
WWF: Porn For Kids
03/25 Skipping Class: Is it REALLY worth it?
RU Ski and Snowboard Club
Gran Turismo: The REAL Driving Simulator
Game Review: NBA LIVE '99
More Help from Vinnie
"The Phantom Menace" Trailer 2
An Update on "The Young and the Restless"
Jack's Twisted Toons
Quest for Justice
Getting Written Up: Too Easy?
04/01 Teenage Pregnancy: Find Out if He REALLY Loves You
Mannix Blamed for Global Warming
Dalton Cafeteria Receives National Award
Health Center Opens New Sperm Bank for Students
Smoking to Succeed
Are you Addicted to the Internet?
Alternative Computer Peripherals
Y2k: What's the big deal?
Site Review: Digital Blasphemy
AMD vs. Intel The Race is On
Great Places To Take a Date
James Cameron's "The Phantom Menace"
More of Jack's Twisted Toons
Vinnie the Barber
"Titanic 2: The Hindenberg"
RU Registration: Surprisingly Efficient!
Segregation: What a Wonderful Thing
04/08 Bathroom Behavior
Hate Crimes: Be Informed, Not a Victim
RU's Walker Technology Center
Linux: New OS for a new Age
The Music of Wyld Stallions"
Dating At RU!?
The Matrix Has You
Get Some Spirit
RU Food: A Freshman's Nightmare
Crazy Clocks
04/15 Sexual Assault: You Can Never Be Too Safe
Road Trip: Hampton Roads
Field Day Looks to Be Fun
Site Review: TheOnion.com
Internet Privacy: Is there any?
Virginia's New Spaming Law: Helpful or Helpless?
Windows 2000: Server of the Future
Another Twisted Toon
Prepare for Wrestle War
Getting Older
The Risk of War
Too Much Top 40
04/28 Practical Advice for New Students
Academic Integrity at RU
A Letter from the Executive Director
Whim's First Campus Photo Album
Issues Forum: Student Media
What Can You get away with at RU?
The Future of
RU Technology
Technology Spotlight:
Women In Computing
What Kind of Computer
Do You Really Need?
The Watchful Eye of Jason Karnes
Virus Jokes
Voodoo Death?
Internet Censoring
Sega's Smash Pack: Return of some old friends
Play The Quote Game
Summer Movie Preview
Try Our Mad Libs!
A Closer Look at "Root 81"
Summer Music Concerts
New Student Advice From Vinnie
What to do in Radford?!
Enough with the Cheating!
Pet Peeves
Dorm Life: The Yo-Yo Experience
Too Many Regrets
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