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Whim- Season 04       Fall 1998
09/17 RU says goodbye to J.J.
A Campus Bathroom review
Apple's New Gem
Y2K: A look at the Breakdown
A Review of Windows 98
Shopping on the Internet
Tom Deluca comes to campus Noise Pollution
The Day the Music Died
Harassment in the Workplace
09/24 Ingles Under Renovation
Riverview Gets Busted
How To Get The Most From Rebates
Intel Pentium II Processor reviewed
Final Fantasy Review
"Something About Mary" review
Dark Circus Comics
Dial "A" for Annoying
Clinton in Trouble??
Share the Ramps
10/01 CybeRU Brings Internet to the Classroom
Jefferson Street Blues
A review of Dune 2000
Rebate or Rip-off?
AMD's New Chips May Mean Lower Prices
"Armageddon" -- A Dual Review
"What Dreams May Come" -- A Dual Review
"Rush Hour" Explodes in the Box Office
When Dining Alone Leaves You...Alone
10/08 Highlander Festival Great Success for RU
Kresge Foundation Challenge Grant
Virginia Colleges on the WWW
A Disk Drive for N64
"Less Than Jake" Review
Brian Reviews "ANTz"
Bathroom Dilemma
10/15 Muse Water Problem Frustrates Students Technological Monopolies
A review of Mario Kart 64
Simming with Star Wars
A Halloween Review of The Shining
Advice From Dear Nikki
October Horoscopes
In The Swing of Things
Parents Just Don't Understand
Disgusted With Dissection
10/28 Politics as Usual Zelda Reviewed
Rhydin Reviewed
Final Fantasy VIII Previewed
"Urban Legend" Review
More Advice From Dear Nikki
Another Installment of Dark Circus
Service Providers Jackhammer Havoc
Real Life Ghost Story
Don't Forget Johnny Reb
RU Home Page Needs Improvement
11/04 The Campus is our Playground
WCW/NWO Revenge
HomeSite: Answering your Coding Prayers
Another Installment of Dark Circus
Civic Center Hosts WCWs Thunder
Brian reviews "Pleasantville"
It's Not Easy Being Blond
Conspiracy Theory
11/11 Fire Alarms Irritate Muse Residents
RU Outdoors: The Experience!
Take Back the Night
Emulation Nation November's Horoscopes
Tips From Dear Nikki
Kiss's New Album, "Psycho Circus"
Are Some Professors Unfair?
Frequent Fire Drills at Muse
11/18 Art Adds Beauty to Campus
Habitat Builds Communities
Computer Lingo for the Lay Person Dear Nikki
A Review of the Band "Everything"
Award Winners, "Entre Nous"
Trendy or Indie?
Common Courtesy
12/02 Boxers Vs. Briefs: Underwear Exposed!
SGA Issues Forum Sparks
RU's Criminal Justice Club
MP3s to CD
Computer Shopping for the Holidays
"A Bug's Life" Bombs
"3rd Eye Blind," "Eve6" visit RU
Access Denied
Safer Drivers Wanted
12/09 College Student Gift Ideas
Bumper Art
Shopping on the Internet
"Geri's Game" Reviewed
"The Abyss: Special Edition"
Dear Nikki
"Enemy of the State"
Christmas comes Early
Student Media Censorship

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