A Troubled Realm
Russian Agriculture’s Spatial Constraints, Variance, and Prospects for Revival
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Project Flowchart
Step 1
Analyzing three spatial constraints: physical environment, burden of space, and demographics. Delimitation of “marginal lands.”

Spatial scale: European Russia

Step 2
Analyzing agricultural variance within non-marginal lands. Three hypothetical predictors of variance: soil fertility, accessibility to major urban areas, and market conversion. Another possible predictor: ethnicity

Spatial scale: three or four case study regions.

Step 3
Analyzing the evolution of core-periphery gradients of agricultural land use. Hypotheses testing.

Spatial scale: three or four case study regions.
Temporal scale: 1960s (1970s) - present .

Step 4
Analyzing the prospects of Russia’s agricultural revival and growth on the basis of uncovered regularities and agro-industrial integration (commodity chains)

Spatial scale: Russia, European Russia, and case study regions.

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