A Troubled Realm
Russian Agriculture’s Spatial Constraints, Variance, and Prospects for Revival
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Data and Maps

A window to databases and maps used or created in the course of the project

This page is regularly updated. Here is what is currently available:

A note about the technology: the interactive maps are developed using AxioMap software written by one of the members of this project (see I. Zaslavsky "A New Technology for Interactive Online Mapping with Vector Markup and XML". Cartographic Perspectives, # 37 (Fall 2000), pp. 65-77). To view the maps, you either need Internet Explorer 5+ on the MS Windows platform (in this browser family, maps are rendered using Vector Markup Language), or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) plug-in from Adobe - which will enable AxioMap mapping in all supported browsers. Further, we provide two versions of each map: regular and generalized. The generalized maps will render faster, especially on older computers, at the expense of graphic detail. Also note that these maps allow you to experiment with the data, compute and map derived variables, query across several datasets, etc.

  • A gallery of project-related maps and photographs developed by the authors (organized by chapters of a forthcoming book) 
    [ gallery of illustrations ]
  • Interactive map of Russia's agricultural production indicators and their factors. This mapping system features district-level data, as well as demonstrates on-the-fly integration with various remote map servers. 
    NOTES: this is SVG-only version (Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 is expected) ; the map is large so please be patient, especially on slower machines 
    [ SVG map ]



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