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ICPC Info, Mid-Atlantic Region 2020

This page has details for the 2020 ICPC Regional Contest (Mid-Atlantic), which waswill be held virtually on 2021-Mar-06 (Sat). The contest itself will be 14:00–19:00 (with a practice-run beforehand). This information augments the standard, year-over-year information.

Thank you for helping make the contest successful!
Some (but perhaps not all) of the judging data and solutions may be released to coaches about 1 week after end of contest (coaches will be notifed by email).

Critical Info

During the contest

Before the contest

Routine Info


20212-Mar-06; all times Eastern3.

13:00opening ceremony / Q&Aus02web.zoom.us/j/81993355566
14:00contest startsmausa20.kattis.com
18:00contest scoreboard frozenteams can see only their results
19:00contest ends
30min break
19:30closing ceremonysame zoom link as opening

Heartfelt Thanks

We are thankful for our ICPC global sponsors for helping make this contest possible!

Here is some more info about them.

We are also deeply thankful for the work of all the volunteers who helped make today's contest possible -- You know who you are! Your work in a cause you believe in is appreciated by many.

Rules synopsis

The basic rules for participation in this year's contest are:

The contest is also subject to the standard Regional Contest rules (but where they conflict, this page takes precedence).

We ask for your understanding, as we all work together to run this annual contest very differently from previous years; thank you!

kattis login instructions

Communication during contest

It's not so easy as flagging down a runner, this year!

Communicating to contest staff

As mentioned at top, the preferred method is to use the kattis system's clarification request. If you are unable to access kattis, you can send email to mausa20.help AT gmail.com.

Communications from contest staff

System Requirements


Registration ended Feb.19.

T-shirts are available for individual order ($15+tax). If ordered by Jan.22, they will arrive (at whatever address) by the contest-date. They can be ordered later (up to the day of the contest), but may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Related contests

A strong finish in the Mid-Atlantic Regional contest will lead to an invitation to the North American Divisional Contest (NADC), 2021-Apr-22. Of the 150 teams that will be invited, at least4 16 will be from the Mid-Atlantic region. Up to two teams from the same school can advance to the NADC. The NADC will be virtual, with proctoring.

The NADC, in turn, qualifies teams for the North American Championship (physical, at most one team per school). The contests culminate in the World Finals in Moscow 2021-…Jun??.

2 In the olden days, when magazines were published on paper and sent through snail-mail, it was common to receive (say) a March edition in mid-January. If magazine editors can do that, then I claim contest-directors can have a 2020 contest in 2021!      
1 Yes, the 2020 Regional Contest is being held in2 2021-Mar. We hope to hold the 2021 regional contest in 2021-Nov(ish), as usual!      
3 The contest start-time is chosen to make it contemporaneous with all other North American regionals on that day, including Hawaii.      
4 Our region might also get some wildcard slots, announced after the contest; your team will receive an invitation via email, if you qualify (by Mar-16 perhaps?).      

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