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ICPC Info, Mid-Atlantic Region 2020

This page has details for the 2020 ICPC Regional Contest (Mid-Atlantic), which will be held virtually on 2021-Mar-06 (Sat). The contest itself will be 14:00–19:00 (with a practice-run beforehand). This information augments the standard, year-over-year information.

Note: Yes, the 2020 Regional Contest is being held in1 2021-Mar. We hope to hold the 2021 regional contest in 2021-Nov, as usual!


This page contains our current plans for the contest, but details are liable to change. We ask for your understanding, as we all work together to run this annual contest very differently from previous years; thank you!

These rules should be fairly-finalized by Feb.20 (two weeks before contest).


The basic rules for participation in this year's contest are:

The contest is also subject to the standard Regional Contest rules (but where they conflict, this page takes precedence).

Proctoring & Honor Code

The contest will (necessarily) rely on students following the honor code. The following proctoring elements will also be in place:

Should any post-contest verification be needed, the staff will request it via email to the team members and coach within 96hrs after the end of the contest.


Individuals must register at icpc.global (login/registration in upper-right). Coaches can start a student's registration, and they'll be sent a link to complete it. Coaches will be able to modify teams up through the registration deadline, Feb.19 (Fri).

T-shirts are available for individual order ($15+tax). If ordered by Jan.22, they will arrive (at whatever address) by the contest-date. They can be ordered later (up to the day of the contest), but may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.


Any student who meets the standard eligibility requirements as of 2021-May-06 or 2020-Oct-01 is eligible for the Mid-Atlantic Regional contest. E.g., a student who started just college in January is eligible, as is one who graduated last December. The eligibility dates for the North American Divisional and/or Championship and/or World Finals might be based solely on the 2020-Oct-01 date.

System Requirements


The contest itself will be 14:00–19:00 ET4. To be announced: The schedule for other items, such as a practice-session (required), and opening and closing ceremonies.

Related contests

A strong finish in the Mid-Atlantic Regional contest will lead to an invitation to the North American Divisional Contest (NADC). Of the 200(?) teams that will be invited, ???(TBA) will be from the MidAtlantic region. Up to two teams from the same school can advance to the NADC. The NADC will be virtual, with proctoring.

The NADC, in turn, qualifies teams for the North American Championship (physical, at most one team per school). and the top teams there (culminates in the World Finals in Moscow 2021-Jun.

Before the regional, the in the NAQ (North American Qualifier5) will be held on Feb.06(?); it is on-line and free. It is strongly encouraged to compete in the NAQ, since the number of slots our region will get to advance to the Divisional contest is based on NAQ participation!

A complete list.


If you have a concern about these rules, or something is unclear, please contact ibarlandradford.edu, with [icpc] in the subject. Coaches can also post to the google-group ICPC Mid-Atlantic Coaches. If you are a coach who'd like to join that (optional, low-volume) list, please contact ibarlandradford.edu; it can be helpful if you can also include a link to a faculty web-page or other evidence of coach-hood.

Change Log

Any changes/clarifications deemed significant will be listed here, for convenience, on a best-effort basis.

1 In the olden days, when magazines were published on paper and sent through snail-mail, it was common to receive (say) a March edition in mid-January. If magazine editors can do that, then I claim contest-directors can have a 2020 contest in 2021!      
2 The one allowable exception to the no phone rule is if somebody's computer microphone or speaker isn't working properly. In that case a phone can be used solely for communication with teammates.      
3 The kattis contest-page will be something like mausa20.kattis.com, but won't be available until ~1week before the contest-start.      
4 The time-of-day is chosen to make it contemporaneous with all other North American regionals on that day, including Hawaii.      
5 Coaches might use the NAQ to determine how to assign team-members. Beyond this, the NAQ doesn't actually qualify winners for anything.      

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