Summer 2010 Governors School 
Photo Editing
Students will learn about the processes involved in converting analog photos to digital photos. Students will learn the basics of image optimization for various digital mediums particularly the web. Finally, students will learn to repair, restore, crop, and manipulate digital images. Adobe Photoshop CS4 will be used extensively.



Supporting Info/Files Tutorials 
Assignment 1 1) If you haven't already set up a free GoogleSites page. 

2) Collect or Download COPYRIGHT FREE images for editing. Can be your images or images from links provided. 

3) Photoshop interface
menus, tools, palettes
new features

FREE Copyright Free Images

Free Images from my website

Using Google Sites

Simulation: Step 1 - setting up your Google Sites account

Simulation: Step 2 - setting up your Google Sites account

Simulation: Step 3 - setting up your Google Sites account

Simulation: Hiding your Google Sites website from public view/inviting specific visitors

Also- WIX - Free Website

Assignment 2 1) How to use the "Crop" & "Straighten" tools in Adobe Photoshop CS4. 

2) Image formats (JPEG, GIF, PSD)

Assignment I Downloadable Support Files
Crooked Image Example

Scanned Image Example

Three images in one (crop and straighten each individual image then upload the original and the three fixed images to your Google Sites  - To Your "Documents & Assignments" page).

Simulation: Straightening and cropping an image photographed at an angle

Simulation: Straightening and cropping a scanned image


Assignment 3 1)  Working with multiple layer compositions - creating multiple payers within Photoshop
-2) Selecting and transforming image elements - using selection tools within Photoshop. 
3) Cropping, straightening, and sizing images
4) Adding text - using the text tools within Photoshop.  

5) Saving/Image Formats - .JPEG and .PSD.

Download at least 4 images and demonstrate how one can select and remove portions of one image and add them to another using the selection tools. Create 4 new images from the existing 4 for a total of 8 images. Upload all images to your Google Sites "Documents & Assignments" page AND/OR embed them into the document for immediate display.  *Practice Images

Simulations: Rectangular Marquee tool.

Simulations: Eliptical Marquee tool.

Simulations: Selecting a Color Range. 

Simulations: Magnetic Lasso tool.

Simulations: Magic Wand tool. 

Simulations: Moving selections between images

Assignment 4 Paint, Edit, and Heal - Using the various healing and brush tools within Photoshop to retouch images (also retouch and restore older scanned images).  Heal each image to the best of your abilities using the tools, processes, and methods demonstrated in class. upload both the original and fixed images.  "Image Correction"

Red Eye Example 1

Red Eye Example 2

Wrinkles around mouth

Skin blemishes 

Dented black car

Dented black car 2

Dented red SUV

Healing Tools old car 

Healing Tools white car

Healing Tools Image 5 
(Old Image example)

Simulations: Using the "Dust & Scratch" filter (Photoshop CS3).

Assignment 5 Introduction to image transparency - Use Photoshop to create images with transparent backgrounds (.GIF format).

Using Photoshop to replace color and correct over/underexposed images - Use various filters and techniques to edit color and improve exposure issues with various digital image formats.

Using Adobe Photoshop CS4 to modify and correct the following underexposed and overexposed  images: Old Barn (1), The Met (2), Cave (3), and Garden (4)
Continue (using the tools and techniques covered in class) to correct overexposure and underexposure and color for the following images: 
Image 5 Image 6  Image 7  Image 8 Image 9 Image 10
Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16
Simulation: Creating the transparent GIF

Simulation: Sizing and saving the transparent GIF

Simulation: Color Correction


Reading: Celebrity Photos Edited with Photoshop 

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