How to use the Flip Cam to load video clips to Youtube: 


Step 1: Shoot Video


- Keep recorder steady when recording.

- Pan (move cam from left to right or visa versa) slowly in order to obtain the full details of what you are recording.

- Be careful using the "Zoom" feature. I is better to move closer in to the individual you are recording because the sound is better the closer you move in to your subject/interviewee. 

- Use a tripod if one is available.

Step 2: Sign up for a Free Youtube Account:

Step 3: Upload Your Video: 

- Tutorial

Step 4: Delete Video: 

- Tutorial

Step 5: Embedding your Youtube video within an HTML document (via Dreamweaver/text editor): 

- Tutorial 

Optimizing your website for search engines:

- Tutorial (tagging/meta tags - web pages):

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