COMM 326 Web Production
SPRING 2011 (Subject to Change)
Jan 18, 2011 - April 27, 2011 | Course of Study
Date Topic Assignment  Additional Readings and Support Files
Week 1  (January 18-21)
Course introduction

Course of study

Basic file structure 


Copyright free resources

Free hosting 

Free Hosting 

Free resources (images, etc)


Link to all of the above sources/info

*Managing web pages and Setting Web Permissions(By Dr. Bob Stepno)

Simulation: Basic File Structure

Simulation: FTP Interface

Week 2  (January 24-28) 
Jan 24
Last day for UG students to Add/Drop 

  Assignment 1 (Google sites)

Also- WIX - Free Website

Week 3  (January 31-February 04)

Feb 01Last day to Change P/F or Audit Options ALSO Census Date

Jan 31 Last day for UG to apply for Spring Graduation

  Assignment 2 (XHTML)

Introduction to XHTML 

W3C School

W3C website

Bandwidth Calculators 

File Size Calculator

More information about adding an image to an HTML document.

 Converting/downgrading "FreeWebs" to simplt HTML: Tutorial
Week 4 (February 07-11)
  Assignment 3 (Dreamweaver - basic site content)

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver - defining a folder/directory - adding links, text, and images 

MP3 Sample Download

Wave Sample Download

.MOV (Quicktime) Sample

Simulation: Embedding External (YouTube) Videos.

RU Ad Club Promo

Week 5  (February 14-18)   Assignment 3 Continued History of the Internet and the World Wide Web.  
Week 6 (February 21-25)  

Assignment 4 DW frames | and Tables


Week 7 (February 28-March 04)
March 02 Mid-Semester grades due by 10:00 a.m. (W)
  Assignment 5 DW layers  
Week 8 (March 07-11)
Week 9 (March 14-18)

Assignment 6 DW CSS

Liqiong, D., & Poole, M. (2010). AFFECT IN WEB INTERFACES: A STUDY OF THE IMPACTS OF WEB PAGE VISUAL COMPLEXITY AND ORDER. MIS Quarterly, 34(4), 711-A10. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Week 10 (March 21-25)
(10/27/ registration for spring/summer classes begin)



Working with a CMS (Word Press)



Week 11 (March 28-April 01)  

Working with a CMS (Word Press) Continued


Study Guide

Week 12 (April 04-08)
Nov 16 Last day for University Withdraw (from all classes) with grade of "W"



DW Templates
Begin working on Final Project

Search Engine Optimization:

Simulation: Optimization using HTML
Free submission to multiple search engines

Google Submission

Yahoo Submission

Free multiple submissions


Week 13 (April 11-15)
April 12 Last day for Individual Class Withdraws (from One or More Classes-Not All Classes) with grade of "W"

Work on Final Project



Week 14 (April 18-22)  


Work on final Project



Week 15 (April 25-29)
Last day of classes April 29
Final Project

Final Project 
Design a working website using all of the competencies covered in the course. The site can be for an organization, individual, or business. Students may also create an electronic portfolio that provides evidence of his/her academic coursework, projects, and skills.   
For the portfolio site students will create a folder called "efolio" (lower case) on their "H" drive within the pulic_html folder. 

  1. Content (25pts):
    Use good taste and professionalism in relation to text, images, and subject. 
    The content should be accurate and relative to the website subject or theme.  

  2. Layout (25pts):
    Must be layout consistent with 
    design basic principles. 

  3. Functionality (25pts):
    There should be no broken links and image files sizes should optimized for the web. Applicable video and sound samples should also be optimized for the web.  
    The site should be easily accessible via any web browser at any bandwidth.  

  4. Creativity (25pts):
    Use individual creativity while also utilizing techniques from the course and text.

Final Project: 
Must create an entire web site with a minimum of one main page and five sub pages. The web site final project must be hosted on the student's RU hosting space and at least TWO other hosting servers (ex: Freewebs, GoDaddy, Hostway, Yahoo, Google, Free Servers, a CMS, etc.)
Work on Final Project. 


*Students who decide to do an electronic portfolio must create a folder within the pulic_html folder (outside of the mstd326 folder) called portfolio. This folder must be defined by Dreamweaver and linked to the main page (index.htm) within the mstd326 folder. 
About electronic portfolios: 

About electronic portfolios 

Northern Illinois University

Examples of electronic portfolios: 

Sample Menu 

An Advertising Sample Portfolio

An Advertising Sample Portfolio (2)

Advertising Sample

Media  Sample

General Sample

Various Samples (Employment)

Ball State University Career Center (Employment)

The Creative Group (Employment)

VA Tech IT program (Academic)

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters:

Resumes and Interviews

The Riley Guide

Week 16 (May 02-05)
Grades dues by 10AM 12/20/2010 Final Exams 12/13-16
Final Project

DUE BY 05/02/2011