Summer 2010 Governors School 



Supporting Info/Files Tutorials 
Assignment 1 1) If you haven't already set up a free GoogleSites page. 

2) Create a "freewebs" account (Or an equivalent free hosting account).  


Optional FREE hosting:


Using Google Sites

Setting up Freewebs account: 

Simulation: Step 1

Simulation: Step 2

Assignment 2 Create a basic HTML/XHTML page about yourself. Provide the following information:

1) A picture of something important to you (a pet, place, landmark, building, vehicle, etc). The picture must be your property 
and should not be a person (including yourself). 
2) A link to your favorite website.
3) A short description of why you are taking the class and what you hope to learn. 
4) Save as bio.html and upload to your freewebs account/space.  

W3C School

W3C website

Bandwidth Calculators 

File Size Calculator

More information about adding an image to an HTML document. 

Simulation: Tutorial 1

Simulation:  Tutorial 2

Simulation:  Tutorial 3

Simulation:  Tutorial 4


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