COMM 427 Advanced Web Design and Multimedia Production 
SPRING 2010 (Subject to Change)
Date Topic Assignment  Additional Readings and Support Files
Week 1  (January 19-22) Getting started


- Cover Course of Study

- Talk about changes to Unlimted FTP

- Research various free/non-free hosting and set up an account with at least two different hosting services. E-mail yourself your password.

- Research some free training solutions
(Break up into groups, research, and send me URLs at
*Managing web pages and Setting Web Permissions(By Dr. Bob Stepno)

Free Web hosting services:
Others to research

Website tips: (free tips)

Week 2  (January 25-29) 
Last Day for UG students to Add/Drop Sunday 01/24/2010)


Intro to Flash

- Continue researching free training resources

- FTP Interfaces

Work on assignment. 
Assignment due Friday January 29, 9:00 AM.

FREE Hosting

With SQL/PHP  (also FrontPage Extensions) support

Freehostia (http://

Simulation: FTP Interface

Week 3  (February 1-5)
(Last day to change P/F or Audit Options 02/01 -Also Census date)
Drawing tools



- Working with your prospective groups, tour the tutorial sites (to the right) and provide feedback via discussion. 

- Intro to Flash Interface

- Discuss Bitmap graphics vs. Vector graphics.


- Intro to Drawing Tools in Flash CS4

Assignment I:

- Create a folder called "drawingtools" in the Public_html folder.

Create an .FLA file called "drawingtools" and save it to the "drawingtools" folder.

Provide an example on one keyframe of each of the following (following the tutorials):

- Object and merged drawing
- Modified shapes (object and merged)
- Rectangal tool
- Oval tool
- Paint brush
- Gradients
- Line and Pencil Tool
(Total 100 pts - 12.5 pts each)


Assignment due Friday February  5, 9:00 AM.


FREE SOFTWARE (from Microsoft): 

Flash CS4 Interface

Simulation: Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics

Simulation: Flash Workflow and file types

Simulation: Customizing the workspace


Simulation: Object Drawing versus Merged Drawing

Simulation: Modify Shapes  

Simulations: Rectangle Tool

Simulation: Oval Tool

Simulation: Paint Brush

Simulation: Gradients (Linear and Radial)

Simulation: Line and Pencil Tool

Simulation: AS 2.0 with buttons to play slideshow


Week 4 (February 8-12) 
(Last day for UG to apply for Fall Graduation 02/05)


Assignment 2 (50 pts):

Create a folder and call it "animationAS2."
This folder will contain assignments for the following:
(Name each .FLA accordingly EX: the text shape tween assignment = "textshapetween.fla")

- Nested animation using classic motion tween (10 pts)
- New motion tween (10 pts)
- Background effect with shape tween (10 pts)
- Shape tween (10 pts)
- Text Shape Tween (10 pts)

Lab (50 pts):
Create an intro page that includes each of the above processes. Save the .FLA file to the "AnimationAS2" folder as "Lab2.fla."

- Optimized (.SWF under 70KB) (10 pts)
- Smooth clean animation (10 pts)
- Correct dimensions (fits screen no scrolling) (5 pts)
- Use of each of all of the examples covered in Assignment 2 (5 x 25 pts)

Assignment/Lab 2
Due February 12




Simulation: Nested animation using a "classic" motion tween

Simulation: New motion tween

Simulation: Shape Tween

Simulation: Text Shape Tween

Simulation: Background Shape Tween Effect



Week 5  (February 15-19) Animation

Assignment 3 (50 pts):
Create a folder and call it "buttonsAS3." This folder will contain one example of each the following:
- Basic button (12.5 pts)
- Button with more hit area (12.5 pts)
- Button with rollover effect (12.5 pts)
- Button with hit area only (12.5 pts)
Save .FLA as "buttonssingle.fla."

Lab 3 (50 pts):
Create a .FLA file and save it as buttonmenus.fla within the "buttonsAS3" folder.
Each of the following should be on a seperate keyframe with about five keyframes between each menu example. There should be a "Play" and "Stop" on the timeline that allows one to view and stop at each menu. Each button MUST have a separate link (also must be an true link otherwise the button will be counted wrong/incomplete).

- Basic buttons menu- 4 buttons (5 pts)
- Rollover buttons menu- 4 buttons (5 pts)
- Rollover buttons menu with sound - 4 (10 pts)

- Image map "states"(download). Create a rollover effect and link for each state (15 pts)

- Image map (your own example) - 4 buttons with rollover effects and live links (15 pts)

Total = 100 pts

 Assignment/Lab 3
Due February 19


Simulation: Buttons

Simulation: Adding URLs

Simulation: Image Map: Step 1

Simulation: Image Map: Step 2


Week 6 (February 22-26)   
Animated Banners

 Assignment 4

Create a folder and name it "advbanners."
Within the "advbanners" folder create 10 animated banners (both .FLA and .SWF formats per banner) using one of the following dimensions from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Use the Interactive Advertising Bureau Guidelines site as a guide to create the following:

1 Full size horizontal banners (~2 x 7) or (1 x 5) = 5 pts
1 Half size horizontal banners (~2 x 3) or (1 x 2) = 5 pts
1 Full size verticle banners (~7 x 2) or (5 x 1) = 5 pts
1 Square banners (2 x 2) or (3 x 3) or (4 x 4)  = 5 pts  
1 Half size verticle banners (3 x 1) or (4 x 2) = 5 pts
Create 5 more banners of the specifications that you like = 25 pts 

Criteria/Rubric for each banner: 

Meets required dimensions = 2 pts
At least 3 animations = 2 pts
File size under 100 kbs = 1pts

Assignment 4
Due March 05

Week 7 (March 02-05)
(Mid Semester Grades are due by 10AM 03-03) 
Assignment 4 (animated banners) continued...

Assignment 4
Due March 05

Week 8 (March 08-12)
(Last day to withdraw from one or more classes but not ALL classes 10-23 with grade of "W")








Week 9 (March 15-19)

Assignment 5 (50 pts)
Create a folder and call it "advbuttonsAS5."

Create a .FLA file and save it as advancedbuttons.fla within the "advbuttonsAS4" folder. Create an interactive menu with 5 buttons (up to 10 pts each). Follow the tutorials and create the same effects via nested animated layers. Each button should have a sound added for either the rollover or hit states. Each button must also link to a live URL.

- Display all states (up, over, down) = 10 pts
- Creativity = 10 pts
- Live link to URL = 10 pts
- Sound added to either rollover or hit state = 10 pts
- Functionality = 10 pts

Lab 5 (50 pts)

Create a .FLA file and save it as advancedbuttonsLab4.fla within the "advbuttonsAS4" folder.
Create your own interactive menu with 5 animated buttons (up to 10 pts each). The effect for each button can be the same or vary. Each button should have a sound added for either the rollover or hit states. Each button must also link to a live URL. and the URL for each button should be different.

- Display all states (up, over, down) = 10 pts
- Creativity = 10 pts
- Live link to URL = 10 pts
- Sound added to either rollover or hit state = 10 pts
- Functionality = 10 pts

Assignment 5
Due March 19

Sound Download ("swoosh.wav:):

Simulation: Adding sound to buttons

Advanced Buttons

Simulation: Setting up the work space

Simulation: Creating the button

Simulation: Step 1

Simulation: Step 2

Simulation: Step 3

Simulation: Step 4 Blur

Simulation: Step 5 Text Blur

Simulation: Step 6 Final Down State


Week 10 (March 22-26)
(10/27/ registration for spring/summer classes begin)

Assignment 6



PART 1: Create a new folder within the "public_html" folder and call it "slidingmenu." Create two examples of scrolling/sliding menus that use images as mouse event driven links while incorporating animation.
The first menu will be demonstrated via the instructor in terms of the technical aspects. There should be a minimum of Five images per scrolling/sliding menu.
Also should include:
- Active link per image (25%)
- Sound effects for one of the states (25%)
- Hover or rollover effect (25%)
- Identification or description on link (25%)
Overall = 50%

PART 2: Create another scrolling/sliding menu with the above criteria, but also intigrate other Adobe products and, via creation and discovery, blend these technologies to enhance the aesthetics of the menu. Make this document a "one page" web site with a theme.
Overall = 50%


Assignment 6
Due March 26



Practice Images for PART I:
Video Cam
Cell Phone

Step One: creating the button.

Simulation: Step Two: creating the animation for roll over state.

Simulation: Step Three: adding the animation to the overall button.




Week 11 (March  29-April 02)  

Assignment 7

Adding Video

Create a new folder and name it "video." Create a .FLA file imbed the video via Flash. Publish the file including the .SWF and html files. Name the .FLA file Video as well. (or something that you will remember). 

Add an animated text description on another layer (ex: "my video example"). - 50 pts

Add controls (buttons) that will stop and play the video. - 50 pts

Assignment 7
Due April 02

Download Video 1

Download Video 2

Download Video 3

Simulation: Embedding Video

Simulation: Embedded Video Creating Button Controls

Embedded Video Example 

  Test Video


Week 12 (April 05-09)

(Last day to withdraw from ALL classes with grade of "W" 04/13)




Work on Final Project

Week 13 (April 12-16)  


Week 14 (April 19-23)   Continue  
Week 15 (April 26-30)
Last day of classes 04/30


Work on Final Project
Work on Final Project
Week 16 (May 03-06)
Grades dues by 10AM 12/21 | Final Exams 05/03-07


File should be viewable as a web page from the public_html folder by typing 

E-mail URLs  to 
Assignment due Tuesday May 04, 11:00 AM

The FINAL Project loses a letter grade per day that it is late