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Radford University President's MedallionGovernor Tim Kaine, speaking at the inauguration of President Penelope W. Kyle, told Kyle that in undertaking leadership of a public university she is inheriting a “wonderful tradition in Virginia, one that was created by the patron saint of everything in Virginia, Thomas Jefferson.”

Clear skies graced the outdoor ceremony on Thursday, October 12 while flags representing the many countries of the RU student body gave a colorful backdrop to the speakers.

Virginia Tech president Charles Steger, bringing greetings on behalf of Virginia’s institutions of higher learning, advised Kyle that acceptance of a leadership role requires courage, selflessness, vision, adeptness at bringing together diverse constituencies, and energy.

Speakers representing the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university were unanimous in their support of their new president. They expressed excitement and commitment to what lies ahead under her leadership.

“It’s a new season, it’s a new day,” said Staff Senate President Connie Phillips, quoting a line from a gospel song. “This is an exciting place to be,” said Phillips. “President Kyle, we are truly excited to have you as our new leader.”


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Progress in government and all else depends upon the broadest distribution of education.
Governor Tim Kaine, representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Anyone accepting a leadership role must have courage ... must be selfless ... must have a vision ... must be adept at working with diverse constituencies ... and must have energy.
Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, representing Virginia colleges and universities
At its core, Radford University is about students ... We believe in remembering our history. But mostly we look to the future.
Mary Ann Hovis '65, representing RU alumni
You need never feel alone.
Dr. Claire Waldron, representing the RU facult
This is an exciting place to be. President Kyle, we are truly excited to have you as our new leader.
Connie Phillips, representing the staff of RU
We are looking to President Kyle to enhance what it means to be an alumnus of RU.
Martin Mash, representing RU students