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Wherever you are, tune in to live RU basketball this season on WVRU 89.9 FM. If you’re out of the WVRU listening area, just visit to listen online.

“The Highlander BaskeRU SportsNettball Network has always sounded great on other stations, and listeners will be able to hear the same quality program on WVRU,” says Ashlee Claud, RU’s director of television, radio and communication services. “In fact, we’ve added a few upgrades, and with the absence of commercials we think it’s going to sound even better.”

Live hoops broadcasts are just part of WVRU’s new format. During the past two years the station has gone from being an independent with a 12-hour broadcast day to affiliation with Public Radio International and 24-hour programming. The eclectic format runs the gamut of sound expression from classical to jazz, rock to experimental.

WVRU’s relationship with Public Radio International has been important to the station’s growth. Eleven programs from PRI support WVRU’s goal of offering public radio listeners an alternative — a younger, fresher sound. PRI programs like This American Life, Studio 360, American Routes and World Café are great examples. Independently syndicated programs such as The Thomas Jefferson Hour add yet another dimension.

WVRU still depends on its roots — the students — to keep the station on the air and to keep the sound unique. WVRU's most popular programs, Jazz Café and Classical Matinee, are still around after two decades, and students still have control of the content.

“Our students have adjusted to the changes at WVRU very well,” says Claud. “We've thrown a lot of new and sometimes complicated things at them, and they've always taken it in stride. I’m very proud of how well they've performed.”

Because public radio would be nothing without the public, WVRU invites you to be a participant. WVRU Investors donate $25 to acknowledge a friend or loved one on a special occasion. Patrons of WVRU donate at a higher level to support programming. There are opportunities for businesses to convey their message to the public radio audience as well. All donations are tax deductible, and they help ensure that WVRU’s great programming will stay on the air.