A Natural Fit
by bonnie erickson
gold line
center for environmental excellence

Environmental studies is a natural fit for RU, given its location in a region rich in natural resources, assets like Selu Conservancy and strong academic programs such as geology and biology.

Groundwork has been laid for the formal organization of a center of environmental excellence, and new biology professor Judy Guinan has tackled the responsibility of coordinating the center’s development.

The center will have a broad focus, says College of Arts and Sciences dean Ivan Liss, who envisions a center inclusive to all faculty.

“There should be no limits on who can have access to its resources and who stands to benefit,” Liss says.

Judy Guinan Guinan brings to her task experience as an ecologist and personal interest in a work that is equal parts hobby and career. She has already discovered a campus full of excited faculty and students who didn’t have to wait for an invitation to get involved in the center.

“I won’t have to convince people about the advantages of having a center of environmental excellence,” Guinan says. “People know the advantages. I can focus more on facilitating needs, coordinating the center and community outreach. I can’t think of a group on campus that won’t have the opportunity to benefit from this.”

Liss adds that “Each center of excellence at Radford University is different in nature and often has a specific emphasis. The environmental center is unique in that we can include disciplines and faculty across the university.”

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