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    Scott Fore ‘96 is an accountant by day, musician by night. All the numbers seemed to be adding up right for him lately.

    During the past few years, Kitty Rogers Baird ’54 has sought out her own variety of life’s rewards. She has helped build Habitat for Humanity homes in the Dominican Republic, Alaska, South Korea, South Africa, Americus, Georgia, and Danville, Kentucky, where she sits on the boards of both Habitat and the Red Cross. She has traveled the Lewis and Clark Trail, done hiking and water sports in Hawaii, spent time with her daughter and three grandchildren, and has just been elected a deacon in her church.

    Ed Tucker ’85 believes everyone has a responsibility to maximize his or her potential. That belief and Christian faith have been his guiding lights.
    Tucker is founder and CEO of PlasticolorsRus, a Philadelphia-based company whose purpose is to ensure that colors of plastics consumers see on shelves are consistent, perfect and durable.

Centers of Excellence
A university at its best inspires students — and its own faculty — to expect excellence from themselves and from each other. In such an environment, no one accepts it as enough to train outstanding health professionals; trainers and trainees must seek out and serve the clients who need them most. It is not enough to teach students to become master painters or pianists; teachers drive themselves to continue stretching their own artistic wings.
Five years ago, when President Douglas Covington presented the university’s strategic plan, “A Shared Commitment to Excellence,” he suggested several “centers of excellence” for which the university was already recognized or should strive to be recognized.
Covington said that centers of excellence “are not a place or a structure but an array of cooperative relationships and arrangements that extend, expand and enhance the university’s strengths in selected areas. They focus attention on programs, provide curricular energy, include both traditional and experiential learning opportunities, and have a core of committed and distinguished faculty.”
Among the centers of excellence identified by Covington are the six we feature here, five years later. Judge how they have lived up to his expectations as you read stories of faculty and students who achieve excellence as part of their daily routines and, by doing so, make better the daily lives of those around them.



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