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Caring for a Community
Tori Ewing

Radford University senior Tori Ewing always knew that she wanted to go into the field of healthcare, and because of its reputation of producing top graduates dedicated to the well being of individuals and the community at large, she decided that Radford was the place to pursue her aspirations.

Tori Ewing“I chose RU because of the beautiful campus and the small family-like atmosphere. I also liked the smaller class sizes and the ability to get to know the professors as well as the students on a personal level,” she explains. A native of Emporia, Va., Ewing is studying Communication Sciences and Disorders (COSD) in the Waldron College of Health and Human Services and is also pursuing a minor in sociology.

Similar to Travis Byrd and Mandy McClenny, Ewing is a member of the Telephone Outreach Program (TOP). "I thought that it would be a good way to become more involved with Radford and to become more familiar with the university,” she said. Since the fall of 2006, Ewing has raised $26,870 for the RU Annual Fund.

Ewing is also a strong community volunteer, participating in the Beans and Rice Service Learning Program, Operation Smile and RU’s National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSHLA). She also volunteered with this summer’s RiteCare Language and Research Clinic. The clinic focused on children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and was sponsored by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The event provided students and faculty members the opportunity to research and evaluate the effectiveness of speech and language intervention for children diagnosed with autism. “The RiteCare Language and Research Clinic was quite an exciting endeavor that proved to be very inspirational. I learned a great deal from this camp, and it was a great experience,” she said.

“RU has helped expand my knowledge and has made me more responsible and organized in preparing for my future,” Ewing said. She has already mapped out life after graduation and will pursue her master’s degree in COSD with the goal of providing her services as a speech-language pathologist to her hometown hospitals.

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