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Dancing Through Life
Hannah Dillon

Junior elementary education major and dance minor Hannah Dillon has been dancing since she could walk and has performed in hundreds of dance competitions.

“It is just an amazing field of performing arts. You can’t really explain why until you have been alone on stage in front of hundreds of people who are staring at only you. It is one of the most vulnerable situations I have ever been in. It is the applause and the standing ovations that are addicting and rewarding and leave you wanting more,” says Dillon.

Hannah Dillon“Teaching, I believe, is the same way", adds Dillon. “You leave your audience wanting more. You are standing in front of 25 pairs of eyes that are looking at you for guidance and instruction. It’s up to you to lead them in the right direction.”

After graduation, Dillon hopes to take her teaching skills and love of dance to a kindergarten or first grade classroom in her hometown of Ridgeway, Va. She wants to teach but inspire students to learn. “I believe the arts are very important in a child’s life. It’s such a huge asset to their developmental skills. I think dance will benefit me a great deal when incorporating different curriculum into my activities in the classroom,” says Dillon.

Dillon credits her professors with offering her opportunities and experiences to be a successful teacher. “I want to thank my professors for going out of their way and to the extreme to make their teaching quality and my experience as a student so interesting,” says Dillon. “All around, my experience since I first stepped onto campus here as a student in 2006 has been phenomenal. I look forward to many more new experiences and opportunities.”

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